Grand Rapids, Michigan

i had window world of grand rapids michigan. replace my windows.

they did a great job ,cleaned up after they was done, and was very respectful of my home and family. , great to work with all of you . i will recommend window world to all of my friends and family. Steve and Steve who work for window world.

only work for window world. they don't do work for who ever calls them. they are Factory trained and stand behind all the work there selves . you have no middle man.

They build it , install it, and warranty it. NO MIDDLE MAN.

And the Best price in Michigan. Thank you so much Brandon

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Not TRUE is exactly right

These windows come out of a warehouse in NC. "Custom Made" to fit your particular home.... BS... & HIGH pressure BS at that.

And don't expect any $189 windows. Our $189 windows ended up being near $500 each... Needless to say WW did not install any windows here.


ww does not make any windows they use alside windows and alside puts there ww sticker on the windows so yes thise post is fake they dont make there windows


What's up with these WW shills? Firstly, they're ALL OVER this forum (think about that for a minute), furthermore, They're utterly incompetent at shilling.

Holy ***, when every one of your "legitimate" posts scream "I'M A SHILL, I'M A SHILL, THIS IS ME SHILLING!!!!!!!!", you should prolly try to find someone who at least doesn't come-off as a complete shill. Shill.