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Window World does not care about it's product and service. I've spoken to the CEO, written certified letters, and then after 11 months, Window World "said" they would do something to fix it.

However, according to the Secretary of State in the State of Texas, they don't have a charter to do business in Texas, they haven't kept current a Registered Agent. When I informed them about this and asked to speak to their attorney, as usual they dismissed it and I never heard from anyone regarding the problem. My concern is I don't know law and what other mess I could be getting into if I allowed them back at my home to fix the mess they created when they aren't a legally recognized company in Texas. I wouldn't want to have more problems then I already do.

Handed it over to professionals in the law business.

The Voss Law Firm in Woodlands Texas. www.TheVossLawFirm.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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I pray that you have had better luck than we have. Window World is famous for their "we'll let our corporate lawyers handle this"...never fails....EVERY TIME THEY SCREW UP!!!

We will never do business with this company.

We started as installers for them and after just three short weeks we decided that we didn't want our company's good name anywhere tied in with Window World!!! Not to mention, their practices and how they insist on those cheap sticky strips around the windows are not correct window installation!