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Window World has caused me so much grief! I never intended to learn so much about window installation, feel I could write a book about it now.

Protecting your most precious investment, your home, is a lot of work when you deal with the likes of "Window World" headquarter in North Carolina, and local franchaise. So much has gone wrong, so much time has passed with no results of hours of work contacting, researching, all the details to try to get resolution. Windows that aren't what they claim to be, warranty which is not honored, misrepresentation and omission of the truth, it's been a tremendous strain for me. Collecting of stacks of evidence.

Handed it all over to The Voss Law Firm, you can contact them at www.TheVossLawFirm.com. My health has suffered, I've had headaches so severe, and stomach problems, digestive problems. Just this lone new homeowner just trying to get energy efficient windows, keep my home safe with safe windows and get the damages caused by installation repaired. The nightmare isn't over!

The other large window installers want Thousands of dollars more to correct the problems that were created by Window World! If you have money to burn contact Window World to install your windows because that is what it will take to fix your problems later!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Use sears or home depo for competency! This company is a joke!


I was thinking about replacing over 20 windows but I am glad I read this Window World thread. I will find another company, or maybe install myself


The location does not matter. Their supplier for the windows is the same all across the country.

Good luck finding out wherethe windows are are actually made! The brochure that you get is a corporate generated brochure, with the claims of the Warranty and that they sell Energy Star windows. Ask them for the contact information on the Warranty they claim is the best in the country.. I dare you!

Then ask them if you are being sold "Energy Star" windows, there is a completely different label used by actual Energy Star windows, with a map of the United States on it. The windows are extremely hard to open, good luck if you have small children or elderly who have to get out in a hurry because of a fire!


I appreciate your comments since I was planning on using this company to do my windows. Can you tell me which location you used?