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Febr 6 2012 We contracted with Window World (owner MARK COLLINS)sales rep. to order 2 arched top windows for our Gym & Formal Dining rooms.

What a horrible experience!! Window World has delivered & installed windows that did not fit, came in broken 3 different times, installed a broken window along with a 2nd window that is defective along top right and side allowing pouring rain to penetrate our 2 separate rooms rain staining & completely soaking our new carpet, creating black fuzzy mold to grow on our carpet, wood and concrete areas causing mold, odors to build up in our A/C Ducts creating cross contamination from our gym and dining room areas throughout the home. Window world failed to caulk the broken windows at the sides and bottom of the windows waiting until the reordered windows came in allowing rain, lizards & bugs crawl in and out of the bottom of our windows.

The wood sills were left unpainted, the trim is dented & damaged from installation. To Date, We have not met Mark Collins Owner of Window world or has Mr.

Collins ever attempted to come to our home to assess any problems we have incurred over 10 months time. In fact, it was laborious to us to even get Mr. Collins to return our phone calls we instigated to Mr. Collins initially.

And Mr. Collins had a major attitude when he asked for full payment after the first broken window was installed and became extremely rude to my wife demanded full payment.

We are extremely upset with the lack of compassion, service and quality of windows contracted with Mr. Mark Collins of Window World

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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I saw the ad and called....after 2 weeks a salesman called me on the phone. Said the 189.00 window was not insulated if I wanted that it would be 289.00 Plus due to some epa code I had to pay an extra 40.00 per window and 250.00 for caulking and other materials.....after reading the complaints I am not going to use them.


This case was settled by my insurance company. The customer has accepted the settlement and released my company from any further liability.

If anyone has any questions about this complaint or desires to hear the other side of the story, please feel free to call my office at 863-665-7164. Sincerely, Mark Collins


In response to Mark Collins, The FACTS ARE the FACTS, Mr. Collins never to this date has ever stepped into our home, met with us face to face or ever attempted to call us the homeowner to find out why we were so unhappy with the broken products and his multiple incomplete installations.

Mark felt it was not his problem and did not personally have to address any of our issues or damages. We asked Mr. Collins to come to our home and view the damages for his own assessment, he declined each invitation and to date has not ever seen the damages with his own eyes. The facts are Window world in fact delivered broken windows on 4 different occasions scheduled months apart, installing a visibly jagged protruding broken arched top glass at the top of our window and the 2nd window had a broken jam and his installers installed that window too,causing excessive water to pour inside causing mold damages in our home.

And now Mr. Collins is playing the innocent card professing MARK Collins was the ONLY force behind the insurance settlement. I had invested months of phone calls,emails, letters, etc. to get this issue resolved.

Mark never took the time to call to check on the progress until the BBB sent a copy of my complaint to them in late January 2013, weeks shy of a full year of non response from Mr.

Collins. Yes, the insurance company finally after a full year old claim did we just receive a settlement on April 23,2013, Keep in mind that settlement took a full year of constantly making phone calls, writing letters, and filing a complaint BEFORE Mr. Collins did anything. All we asked was for Mr.

Collins to meet us, come to our home and address the problem face to face. Mark Collins declined. To Date that has never happened unfortunately. These are the true facts, make your own judgements before you make your window purchases and do not always quit your research.

What I have found not many complaints get filed or consumers take the time to file a complaints claiming they are too busy and do not have the time to share their experiences.

Yes, it does take a lot of time but it was worth it getting my damages repaired. My husband and I are anxious to put all this behind us.


I am not going to go into a point by point response to this customer's latest post. I will say that several of the points they have stated as fact are actually false.

I will also restate my open invitation to anyone who wishes to discuss this situation, hear my company's side of this story and be shown that several of this customers statements are false and misleading, please feel free to call my office at 863-665-7164. Sincerely, Mark Collins


Mr. Collins,

Customer service has taken a nose dive over the last 20 years.

It is amazing how quickly retail companies who depend on the everyday customer forget how important those customers are. I understand some customers are impossible to please and yes they do exist. But for the average customer just trying to purchase a product at a fair price with good craftsmanship and quality customer service is a thing of the past. The fact you are debating this issue in this forum without as much courtesy to visit the home and take the time to help the customer is exactly my point regardless of who is right or wrong.

Do you know we pay for the bread you feed your children? Without us you would be unemployed. Yet you would rather argue in this forum vice providing the customer service so missing in this country. It’s not about being right or who is wrong, it’s about treating the people buy your product and paying your salary with the respect they deserve.

I own a company and if one of my employees treated a customer this way, they would be fired as fast as I could get the words out. I depend on my customers and without them I am broke.


again no real answers . this guy is a fraud


you had a open invitation to go into there home and fix the problem. do you really think anyone should give you the benefit of doubt and listen to your side



I know exactly what you went through. I had same issue regarding warranty work from Window World and no cooperation from WW until I called BBB and filed a report.

Then magically WW was there to warranty my windows and make sure the BBB complaint was taken care of. Folks, take the time to make the complaint and call BBB.

That’s what they are there for.


I am waiting to see if Mark Collins calls me today like I requested from his representative. Also, I have seen first hand how he will take the time to defend himself online instead of communicate effectively in a phone call.

I wish I had known then what I know now. We communicated on his Window World Facebook page yesterday but he didn’t make an effort to call. Mark Collins could have assuaged my worries by showing empathy. I’ll be spending close to $10,000 to his company and I’m not happy about it.

I’m leaving my cell phone number on here in case you would like to provide me even more details about your Window World experience.

I’m sorry about what you have been through. 863-370-4744 Sincerely, Karen Johnson


why, why did it take someone else to take of the problems you and your company caused


you will soon know who i am