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Window World Inc. a.k.a World of Windows in Houston Texas was hired to replace my home's windows with the Low E Argon Gas Double Pane Windows to qualify for the $1500.00 tax credit.

What I got was damages to my window sills, holes in my drywall, damages to my wood frames, and the windows aren't all Low E Argon Gas filled! To make matters worse they never pulled the permits for the job and the city of Houston Building Inspector is fining me the homeowner for it and my home is tagged and must have all the windows removed and redone! Window World Inc. has walked off the job with my money and does not return my emails, phone calls and I must now sue them for alot more than I paid to cover damages!

It's been six months of headaches! Had permits been pulled they could not have left the mess and the dangers... didn't put windows in that are required to be tempered glass, these windows are cheap glass that can shatter and do major harm to someone! Demand anyone installing replacement windows to pull permits or else there is no one inspecting their work and they put in any cheap thing they want knowing the homeowner doesn't know any better and it increases their profits!

Contact the Attorney General in your state, enough complaints and they'll start a class action suit, and you can retrieve your money up to three times the amount for damages! Don't let contractors rip you off, they expect you to give up, take them to court!

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My wife had our windows replaced by ww over a year or more ago. We recently recieved a threatening letter from them saying we owed them money and they had repeatedly tried to contact us!

Ummm,, we have the receipts showing we approved payment of all amounts and have never recieved any communications from them since they installed the windows.

Why should we alow the incompetence of these people upset us? I wish we had some recourse for the distress these people cause.


at least you're not in the cincinnati/northern ky area. then on top of all this you are talking about.

you would have to worry about whether or not your windows are actually right. in this area,,,the manager at the store believes VINYL windows are made to cut like wood windows. so if he had a bunch of mis-measures,,,instead of doing it right,,,and re- ordering the windows correctly. he made ua cut the windows( behind the customers back) and make them fit.

im talking upwards of an 1 3/4 was cut off. doesnt leave much window left.

lots of windows around this area are looking at problems down the road. unbelievable how this company treats its customers.


Nothing Window World installs is quality! They are a junk window installer!

My windows leak, hard to open, and won't lock without alot of pushing and shoving!

Wish I'd bought from a better company! :cry


Window World gets big tax write off for charitable contributions, they aren't all that concerned about people or they would have straightened out the problems they created at my house nine months ago and have done nothing.

Secondly, I'd not put too much emphasis on how great Window World is because they have the Good Housekeeping Seal. Things have been known to change in a realatively short time, example: Enron!


I agree with Mask's comments about the BBB being on the take. When I went through them with my complaint they erased my complaint from the record.

"The Dream Team" they called themselves at BBB in Houston, dreaming about their kick back from Window World for telling me that the company did all they could in "good faith" and I just wasn't cooperating with them.

Window World has done nothing to fix the mess they left me in, and now only this website knows the truth! Still don't give up the fight!


If everybody would bother to rate a business after the job is completed, companies like Window World would not be in business for long.


Yes it is ultimately the home owner responiblitly to make sure that all permits were pulled for this project.

It is professional for the selling party to advise the homeowner of such a permits may be needed before any work was done and make sure that the products meet all codes.

Unfortunatly Window World is the lowest of the low end priced buttom feeders within the replacement window indusrty and they just don't care. Their windows are made by MDI and they also are on the low end of the quility scale so Window World can be the low price leaders within the industry. They will advertise as low as $189.00 intalled and then tell the customers how bad thay don't want that window and try to upsale or bate switch the customers to purchase a glass package within that same pile of *** window. The ole saying goes their are two ways of making money. You can do it by selling volume like Window World or you can do it by selling quility windows. Most choose to take the high road.

As for anyone saying that BBB rating just speak for themselfs. That is BOGUS and a bunch of *** because I have seen for myself a Window World franchise out of of Oklahoma City, OK go from an F rating which they earned to a A+ rating overnight and that leads me to beleave that the BBB is on the TAKE with its accredited program rating program. That should be investigated as the comsumers are at risk by companies like Window World all over the country.

There is not any way that Window World could maintain an A+ plus rating with the BBB if the BBB wasn't on the take and trading ratings for the annual fees of its accraditadation program. POINT BLANK IT A RIPOFF. I have lost any and all faith in the BBB program now.


Sad part is, homeowners will not know how this will have a negative affect when they go to sell their home. They must disclose the new windows are not in building code and this can stall the sale of their home and even bring down the value of their home! :(


Paperwork at the permits department needs to be done before the order is submited for the windows in order to order the right windows for the job. It's not the homeowner's job when there isn't a contractor involved.

The window company works as the hired contractor, because they will be doing the work, not the homeowner. I agree, if I were installing them myself it would be my responsiblity to fill out the permits, but because I don't have anything to do with ordering the windows, I don't have anything to do with the permits.


It you job to get the permits not them.