Fresno, California

Fresno, Ca. Windows are sold to the business convenience and not what's best for the customers: they are cheaply made and contracted installation service sucks.

We wanted hung windows and salesman pushed for sliding vertical. Come to find out those are standard for the company, so anything else is special order. Company requested we remove all window covers and furniture away from walls. Since, I've learned other companies do that for their custumers!

Windows were ready for installation: contractor came with his team of 2 additional men who were late, and said it would take then 4-5 hours. Two hours later the contractor took one the two workers to do a measuring of another job, leaving one worker to finish installation of 12 windows. It took 10 hour to finish the job. Ten hours that we were hostage in our own house.

By that time we were exausted and just wanted them out of the house. We even had to provide products for window cleaning!!! In the following days the plastic treaming of the windows began to separate.Also, a part was not shipped withthe windows. We had to call the contractor to ask about the part and to discussed the vinal trimming problem.

The contractor said he would send a worker in a week: the evening before the worker was supposed to come to fix the problems we got a message the contractor needed to reschefuled because of another job!!!! What an insult!!! Bottom line: windows are cheaply made (visual and performance) and customer service SUCKS! I dont recommend this product, their salesman and certainly NOT THE INSTALLATION CONTRACTOR.

Maybe he is bitting more than he can chew and customers pay for it. Save money, time and aggravation- look somewhere else other than Window World.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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