Daytona Beach, Florida

Window World windows are made by another company.They do not have their own manufacturing plant. There is nothing wrong with the windows is the independent installers that make the problems.

These guys are the bottom of the bucket when it comes to workmanship. All they want is their money and to get out as soon as possible. I have Window World windows that have been installed and removed and reinstalled 2 times so far and are still not finished. They will not pass the code inspection and will need to be completely removed again and reinstalled.

Beware of the sales pitch and contact your local inspector yourself before they seal up all the windows so that he can come see how they really are installed.

Don't let the installers get away with making you think that you can't get a better job. If it doesn't look right to probably isn't right and you won't know it until it's too late....after they have your money !!!

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I am thinking about getting an estimate for picture window from window world. Tell me why I should not do it??