Las Cruces, New Mexico

Make absolutely certain to visit a local home improvement store for a roll of fiberglass insulation BEFORE Window World sends their installers. DO NOT let them simply install your new windows without filling the gaps around the windows with insulation.

I watched each installation carefully, the first install had a gap of about 1.5 inches around three sides. The installers added window trim on the outside and were about to add window seal on the inside and I noticed light in the gap.

I made them insulate all around the window including the bottom seal plates, if you don't, get ready for drafts. IMPORTANT, have a shop vacuum ready to clean the window openings of debris, they may not take the time to clean before install, make them clean the opening, if they don't, push them out of the way and you do it.

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What a joke. I am a building contractor specializing in replacement windows.

I have sat here and read probably 50 complaints about this company. It started with a complaint about the local Window World in central Florida and has just gone on and on. Why can't these people get it right?!? If this is such a wonderful nationwide company then they have the resources.

I know how much it cost to replace windows and I know the profit margin, as a huge company like this they could afford to hire some decent people. Everyone I have ever encountered that had ever had anything to do with this company has been upset with the way they were treated.

If they keep it up like this they won't be around for too much longer, at least not in this area.


Window World is the McDonalds of window replacement companies, so you get what you pay for. First, they intentionally falsely advertise the price of their windows to get in your door, then when you get your estimate after specifying what you want, your estimate is much, much more.

They also have to use the cheapest installers money can buy in order to make a profit after commissions, office overhead, gas, materials, advertising, franchise fees, etc.

Always do your research before committing to an order, and always have the company you choose return a second time to re-measure so no delays are encountered later on.

-Local US Window Replacement Co. Employee


McDonalds' heart was falling apart.

Actually, Window World is a trash of window replacement companies.


One must be a Window World puppy and follow your Window World installers around to every window they service.

1. Watch for insulation. Don't let them put the window in without insulation.

2. Make sure the window opening has been vacuumed and all loose debris removed.

3. Make sure your windows have the Window locks on them, these locks ARE NOT the locks which lock and unlock the sliders, these window locks are the locks that keep the middle fixed part of the window in place so that the whole window does not move when opening and closing.

4. Make sure all screws work properly and the head is not worn off from the installers electric drill/driver. If it is, have it replace immediately. Good luck in the future when the natural effects of aging take hold and you need to have service done on it .

Make sure you get everything done the first time the Window World installers come to your home. Have your fiberglass insulation ready, have your shop vac ready, visit each window after it is installed and check all screws for head damage, make sure the window locks have been installed which keep the fixed part of the window stationary. Make sure the windows open and close easily and lock securely without major effort, check all screens and be sure they slide easily.

It truly is sad that this level of micro management is required, but it is, especially when Window World comes to your home

@Window World Puppy

Have you attempted to contact the management of the las cruces location to address yor concerns? I hope you would try to atleast discuss your concerns/issues with the management before leaving a negative post on any site,right?


The problem is they won't resolve problems.

They let you wait, wait, wait, ..., until you give up.

@Window World Puppy

If I knew as more as you, I would not be cheated by window World.

Thank you.


Please know that we will contact the local Window World franchise owner in your area so that this matter can be properly reviewed and addressed. If you would like to call us directly with additional information that we can pass along to the owner please do so today. The contact number is 1-866-740-2100.

Thank you,

Customer Relations Department

Window World Corporate

North Wilkesboro, NC