Tempe, Arizona

After reading these complaints about Window World and viewing consumer comments, I am very upset. Window World stores are independently owned and operated across the nation. Single experiences from single stores should not tarnish the entire Window World name.

I had my windows replaced in Springfield, MO, and they did a FABULOUS job. Also, they honor their warranties to the full extent. I could not be happier with the products and the service. I would hope people would begin stating which location they are referencing.

To all of you reading these posts, I would advise to call your local Window World. They can provide you with local references, and you can physically meet with their prior customers. Do not let this site make you pass up such great prices and products.

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Uh... it certainly does tarnish the Window World company as a whole, and it should!

So you had a great experience - good for you. This site is for pissed off customers who've had a bad experience.

It has been a few years since Window World's traveling circus came to our house and I still hear and see poor reviews. This contradicts your high regard for the company. They, Window World, are obviously not concerned enough about enforcing proper install procedures and standards when it comes to all of these locally owned and operated outfits under the Window World name.

I have first-hand experience dealing with customer service reps at their headquarters. They are helping to make a bad name for themselves.


can you really run a company this bad really springfield mo office is horrible miss measure windows, doesnt order enough material, wrong sizes, never ever answer phones always gives you the run around waiting 5 months for windows and still nothing really ihave tried to cancel just keep getting the run around i signed contract if i would have had to put half down they could stick there windows have youever seen a company have 190 complaints on 1 web page from all over the usa what does that say my brother had to call themback 3 times becuase of the huge gaps they left in the windows and siding daaaaaaaaaa you ever here of caulk


what a bunch of bs that is mine windows were orderd and to be installed in 4 weeks didnt recieve for 18 weeks.they didnt answer there phones or were never in the office i have never seen a company ran so badly. My installers were great i loved them very helpfull and honest and did a great job as far as the springfield window world go else the jolplin store is great to work with supper friendly lady and treats you like your family she has really great intaller there


My windows were measured wrong and the windows ended up an inch too short and not wide enough to fill my rough opening. This was going to make my vinyl not fit back under the J channel when replaced.

Rather than reorder the proper size windows, they started using 2''bys and 1''bys to fill in the gap. This was making my windows protrude outward as well, since they were screwing the window flush to the nearly 3 inch wood frame I now have. The vinyl would definitely reach now. However, my windows would look more like storm windows.

I have never seen anyone try to adapt a house to fit a window. I finally stopped the madness and had them order me new windows. The owner wasn't wanting to reorder. If I had not been home while this was going on, I would have surface mounted windows and my vinyl would have been cut too short to go back after proper sized windows would have been put back in place.

I am now waiting again for windows.

It has been 9 weeks in all! :?


glass breakage is bs! read the warranty closely,does not include stress fractures do to localized climate????

come on give me a break!

loop holes loop holes loop holes! just like the last guy said buyer beware!


no it sounds like you are using this site as your scape goat you must be a window world salesman or a window world owner, either way even as they are independantly owned it is the same senario all over the usa, drafty windows, *** poor workmanship,subcontractors and flat out bait and switch! BUYER BEWARE ALL COMPLAINTS ARE THE SAME ALL OVER THE USA!!!


So as a franchise each franchise gets it's windows from a different manufacturer? And they have a different warranty than the parent company?

Would a franchise act independently contrary to guidelines set forth by the parent company? Seems we have examples of how orders come from the top and trickle down, just look at Toyota! I don't believe any of the comments made that Window World is a good company to do business with. What I got was not what I paid for, nor safe, or legal.

Lots of people maybe fooled by hype. Just whoever got the LowE/Argon double pane windows for $189 as they state in their advertisements. Tell us your name and your address if you are so satisfied. And if you are satisfied, what on earth are you doing here...promoting Window World because you have a financial interest in the company?

Show yourself! :(



I understand if it was one complaint, maybe even two. by pages and pages..

Come on what world do you live on.. My guess window world!!


Window world is not a franchise. It is a license.

It is the same as any major auto company. Are there not GM and Toyota dealers all over the country? And they're individually owned, are they not? Same idea with Window World.

Being backed by a national name is something that re-assured me when I was buying my windows. I wasn't stuck with some small town place that wouldn't back their product. The salespeople and the owner I dealt with were fantastic, and don't let anything on this website deter you from doing something wonderful for yourself and your home!! I thought the same thing until the owner himself explained this to me.

So don’t let one bad review ruin it for you! Make up your own mind!


As so pissed needs to call the corp office and get his problem resolved


It's not worth the headache of calling their corporate office. We called, talked, emailed, and sent in pictures.

They promised us that a rep would come to our house. Nobody showed up.


:roll I love it when competitors have to tack this tacky route to try and harm us. What's even worse is that this silly site will allow us to pay $4999.00 a year to clear all this *** thats on here.

It is a total racket.

I know our customers are a lot smarter than that, and can see trough this mess. I wonder why we get so many resumes faxed to us daily if we are so bad?


I'm a customer. I have receipts and pictures of the botched job.

My wife and I tried, desperately, to work things out through a customer service rep at Window World headquarters. "Employee" the facts are indisputable. You are that bad. Window World is the racket.

Care for some pictures?

They're worth a good laugh. I'm still pissed!


Also pissed sounds like a competitor slamming Window World. When you make broad statements like this.


Window World may be a good company but they are franchised and that is where the issues begin. The franchises lie, cheat and steal from the customer and the installers are even worse !!

Don't let the price fool you !

Using a local person and checking references doesn't always do it ! Just go somewhere else !!