Memphis, Tennessee

My experience with Window World is a nightmare that just won't end. The first installation crew started ripping out three windows but only installed one before they decided they weren't going to finish the job. They packed up and left the other two in worse shape than they were to begin with, complete with busted out panes, and wood shims laying in my yard. It took Window World five days to send a second crew to install the remaining 15 windows. After they left I noticed daylight breaching the interior of my home around one of the windows. I called them back out to seal it until they could finish the wrap, which was being pushed out another 3 weeks because of the wrong color being ordered. They refused to seal the window and insisted it was weatherproof when it obviously was not.

When they finally came back and installed the wrap,they left calling the job finished but they hadn't sealed the wrap at all. I could stick my hand between my siding and the wrap with room to wiggle my fingers. They were closed up on the bottom, and the problem had to be viewed from a ladder to be evident. They were left open to allow water in and pool up but not release, so they could potentially have caused a lot of damage if left undetected.

The owner came and said they would have to reorder the wrap to redo the work. I got a third crew after repeatedly insisting I did not want the people who did that to my house back again. Kelly, the owner, tried to argue that once a crew begins a job they have to be the ones to finish it, but agreed to send a new crew when I pointed out I had already had two separate crews. I was told the third crew would arrive with scaffolding and confirmed that they would with the office when scheduling the visit. They arrived without scaffolding and joked, "This is what they consider scaffolding," as they leaned off of a 20 foot ladder complaining of OSHA approved work conditions.

Even after the third crew and a total of 10 trips to install, I still have remaining issues. They installed some wrap off level. It is crooked on the front of my house and they are now refusing to come back to fix it. From the owner's own words he is not going to spend any more money on this. I contacted corporate and spoke with David, Manager of Customer Relations and he was no more help than the Memphis owner. I was told that Kelly is an independent franchise owner and while he would be happy to mediate his hands were tied and all decisions were ultimately Kelly's to make.

I could add much more about unprofessionalism, shattered glass littering my home left uncleaned, and on and on, but suffice to say Window World apparently views 10 trips to install windows something to brag about, because they brag about how they've done everything I've asked to try to make us happy. Everything, that is, except get it right and not waste my time.

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Sorry to hear about your experience, I am one of the owners of a small business in virginia beach called entrypoint exteriors. We always suggest that people look at the performance ratings read lots of reviews!


Lets look at EP's performance in the local market. I can go right now and find 5-10 customers who hate them, and that is bad for a small company like entrypoint, considering WW is 200 times larger.