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i dont know why people are bashing the company based on one store there are almost 300 stores for a reason the augusta ga store has its problems just like any other company' but the stores get busy amd customers want what they want rite then i undestand but if people wouldnt put so much pressure on the installers to do this or what about this and when u going to finish some cant deal with the pressure but at least they are there working because construction workers arre a dying breed yall know many sorry teenagers who play video games all day very lazy disrespectful and never going to b nothing so be respectful patient and nice u will get further with them but for office all the way around the times are changing and the half wit generation is coming in people give them a break and let them learn and quit complaining because we do the best around im sorry yall had a bad exp but i hope it gets better but i bet money there is only a few bad reveiews on stores cause if to many come on one store they pull the name from owner because the name brand is awesome that dont mean every store is great but its hapening they will take the store back u cant have the name if u cant perform the way you are expected dont bash name just that specific store owner thanks and sorry it was soooooo terrible lmbo people grow up thanks

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I am also in the construction industry and can not believe your comment or your grammer. This is the second attack on your customers, for there right to complain.

It is not your customers fault if your to busy Or overwhelmed with work. You work extra hours, work extra days, you communicate with customers to let them know you are a week behind schedule.

You don't say "construction workers are a dying breed and at least we're there working". That attitude right there supports the majority of the complaints on this site.