Just a word of caution to anyone going to Window World for replacement windows.Salesman sells you the windows and then doesn't respond to ANY future calls.

Installation appointments are meaningless. They do jobs on THEIR time schedule, not one that you agreed upon. ANY future problems they ignore. We asked the simple question of how to remove/clean the screens.

NO ONE from the office that serviced us OR the main headquarters could be bothered to respond to the call. Windows didn't stay in the tracks.

They wanted to send us instructions on how to adjust them so WE could do it.GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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I completely agree with this post.If you are considering using Window World PLEASE go elsewhere (Champion, Thermo Twin, Where ever) but Window World is horrible the worst experience in my entire life and the world's largest rip-off.

I am completely in shock that they are permitted to still exist and do business.Terrible!


Window World is very proud of the products we offer to our customers. If you have concerns please feel free to contact us at 1-866-740-2100, or via our contact page at www.windowworld.com.

Thank you,

Customer Relations Department

Window World Corporate

North Wilkesboro, NC


My Window World "$189.00" window ended up costing $311.00 each. I'm really not complaining about that though. Let's face it, they come to your home to upsell, it's up to you if you go for it. We did and got the windows we wanted.

My complaint is I have a window that, according to the person who answers WW's phone is one that has lost it's argon(?) and keeps telling me your window will be "in Thusday". This has been going on for 3 weeks! Maybe I should have asked "Thusday of what month?"....anyhow, it's a window that faces my dining table and will be looked at by many this Thanksgiving. Invariably I will be asked "what happened to your window?", I will then tell them the story.

Does WW want to be seen in this negative, but honest, way? Just come fix it already before Thanksgiving!

Does WW want their product seen this way?


New Ownership of the Philadelphia store is out of Baton Rouge, LA..They have a local# to fool you and it rings in Louisiana.

Obviously, these companies come and go like the weather. They advertise the same price for 17 years to get the phone to ring. When you consider basic inflation, the quality has to go way down. Maybe 4% of their windows are sold at $189 (price not even on the contract).

Dishonesty starts w/the price. How can you trust any part of the rest? Spend $100 or more/window and get a real local company where owners are present. Well worth the investment.

I hope this helps someone. Installers are paid so low, every corner will be cut to complete the job and move on to the next one (if there is one).

Wait to you see how they handle "lead paint" (they don't).Jokes on you if you fall for this.


Hey coward,(since you were Anonymous)

How do you clean a screen. Are you retarded? I wouldn't have called you back either.


Donna, I'm glad we able to talk over the phone to discuss your current communication issuses with our company.As I mentioned on the phone, cleaning your screens is as easy using a small brush, an unused paint brush or even a vacume attachment that has a brush on it.

As per our conversation if you ever feel that you are not receiving the service that you deserve, please reach me direct.Thank you so much for your business, and we look foward to helping you in the future if the need should arise.




We are sorry to learn that you are not happy with your Window World experience. If you would like to discuss in greater detail please call us directly at 1-866-740-2100. You may also email us via our contact page at www.windowworld.com/contact.

Please let us know that you are contacting us concerning this posting.

Thank you,

Customer Relations Department

Window World Corporate

North Wilkesboro, NC

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