Perrysburg, Ohio

We have one small kitchen window that needed replaced. Call Window World for there 189.00 advertised any window installed promotion.

There any window price with contract fee, shipping and trim kit came to $410.00. How is it that this company can keep advertising this and not get call on it! Surprisingly your seal of approval is on their contract, a contract that adds a 150.00 contact fee. Almost more than the window their selling!

Is Consumer report doing their JOB! My husband is in the automotive business and we have really taken a hit financially. We want to be wise with our money and spend only what we can.

And we wonder why consumers are not spending. We're all sick of dishonest companies!

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:( :? I called in on the 1 800 # to get information about setting up an appointment.

I put in my zip code to get to the local vender and when someone answered with hello I asked if they had a vender in OC CA. They said they do not know? She said she was in North Carolina. I told her something is wrong with your telephone service it directed me here.

She told me that it was not her service. I asked are you contracted to just pick up calls for Window World? Yes.

Than it is part of your service to notify someone at the company that people can not get through. With that I felt distressed and done with training what is suppose to be WW support personal and retreated from buying because the rest of the journey I can see from other people's comments would only get worse.


I replaced 25 windows with window world. sales pertold me i would notice a big difference with the new windows(4000) series.

Yeah right! The old ones with the storms were better and kept out alot more sound as well.


I see their advertising on television all the time. Thanks for the warning! I don't want to be stuck with an outrageous bill like that.