advertise for a 189.00 window, but when the sales reps come to home, nothing is 189.00.

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Monetary Loss: $189.

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Those guys are no different than car dealers and ac thieves. They will charge you as much as they can get you to pay


I used their services replaced 7 window.The best thing I ever did.

With energy efficiency Windows.

They were 100 percent perfect my electric bill dropped 25-50$ a month.I'm in the process off doing my second home now with them.


My windows were great.$189 on a wood house.

Brick home will be more to tear out old window.They did a superior job for me and my daughter.


they should pass a law stopping company's like this form lying and scamming people..


You really expected quality windows for $189?You must be some kind of special ***.

If you pay for something and it seems too good to be true, it is. So many of you take the lowest price and somehow expect great service. Number one piece of advise when working on home improvement project is to visit the vendor's office and see what it looks like.

If he is doing business out of a storage unit and a pickup, run.Review online and BBB sites before giving anyone a flipping nickel.

to Anonymous #1055575

Hey asswipe, its actually true.I personally paid for 189.00 for EACH window from Window World in GA so quit putting people down.

They were AWESOME windows!! Not sure if they changed the price but back then it was the real deal and very high quality double pane windows that open from the inside. Now who's the loser?

Mr.Anonymous that's who.

to Anonymous #1080022

for your information,i just had windows installed last year and they ARE NOT 189 so I gues you really are the loser and liar! they tell you it is that price but after they add their extras,it comes out more than 189!

to Anonymous Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States #1298000

Guess what, when you add extras and options it is pretty common to have to PAY MORE!!! It's not like adding lettuce to a hamburger it's like adding a sunroof to a car, see if the dealer will charge you for it!

to Anonymous #1103061

Why must good Windows be expensive?I have looked at cheap Windows and the most expensive and they all seem to be much more similar than different.

Is us pec that there is a huge profit margin on this product.When you mass produce them how can it be so costly to slap together some cheap recycled vinyl into a frame and install glass and hardware that you buy from someone else?


cpmplaints about 189 dollar window

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