advertise for a 189.00 window, but when the sales reps come to home, nothing is 189.00.

Review about: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $189.

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Window World did 100 dollar windows 7 years ago if we did all our windows. It was 800 to do 8 windows.


Those guys are no different than car dealers and ac thieves. They will charge you as much as they can get you to pay


I used their services replaced 7 window. The best thing I ever did.

With energy efficiency Windows.

They were 100 percent perfect my electric bill dropped 25-50$ a month. I'm in the process off doing my second home now with them.


My windows were great. $189 on a wood house.

Brick home will be more to tear out old window. They did a superior job for me and my daughter.


they should pass a law stopping company's like this form lying and scamming people..


You really expected quality windows for $189? You must be some kind of special ***.

If you pay for something and it seems too good to be true, it is. So many of you take the lowest price and somehow expect great service. Number one piece of advise when working on home improvement project is to visit the vendor's office and see what it looks like.

If he is doing business out of a storage unit and a pickup, run. Review online and BBB sites before giving anyone a flipping nickel.

to Anonymous #1055575

Hey asswipe, its actually true. I personally paid for 189.00 for EACH window from Window World in GA so quit putting people down.

They were AWESOME windows!! Not sure if they changed the price but back then it was the real deal and very high quality double pane windows that open from the inside. Now who's the loser?

Mr. Anonymous that's who.

to Anonymous #1080022

for your information,i just had windows installed last year and they ARE NOT 189 so I gues you really are the loser and liar! they tell you it is that price but after they add their extras,it comes out more than 189!

to Anonymous Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States #1298000

Guess what, when you add extras and options it is pretty common to have to PAY MORE!!! It's not like adding lettuce to a hamburger it's like adding a sunroof to a car, see if the dealer will charge you for it!

to Anonymous #1103061

Why must good Windows be expensive? I have looked at cheap Windows and the most expensive and they all seem to be much more similar than different.

Is us pec that there is a huge profit margin on this product. When you mass produce them how can it be so costly to slap together some cheap recycled vinyl into a frame and install glass and hardware that you buy from someone else?


cpmplaints about 189 dollar window


I got 5 windows from window world 08/2013. The windows fog up in the kitchen and I have not seen any reduction in my utility bill. I only replaced the windows in my living room and kitchen and the cost was over $2200, I a really disappointed in their product and would not refer these windows to any friends or relatives.

to andyinjaxon Rockford, Illinois, United States #1205978

You need to fight them and make them fix your windows!!! Contact the BBB and make them fix it!

to andyinjaxon Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1252040

Window World Warranty covers that as long as they installed all you have to do is call. sometimes gas goes bad in windows.

hence the warranty that they have. do your research.

to andyinjaxon #1502196

Chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. If you only replace some windows you won’t see energy savings.

And fogging uo is from you cooking without a vent. Any cool surface will condense moisture in the air.I’ve had them replace all the windows in my home as well as my sisters and a rental.My utility bill dropped dramatically. My windows were very old.Also they’re lifetime guaranteed even if you put a baseball through it. Or if the deal breaks and the seem to get dirty on the inside of the glass.

There is a serial number in the track that’s easy to read. I calle led them up, gave them the serial number and they made a brand new window and brought it out no charge.They are 189 for any window up to a certain size. (I only had one window too big for that and it’s like 5x8). Then it’s $50 to install and $50 if the wood trim outside is rotted, they’ll wrap it in aluminum.

Now, there is a lead abatement cost the government imposed a few years back on any home improvement on a house built before ‘78 and finally they have a site cost of a couple hundred dollars that covers basicakkynremiving the old windows.No hidden fees.

No bait and switch. They advertise the cost of the window.I don’t see people trying their pass a law against dominoes when they find out delivery is extra.


I am complaining because of the customer service! I purchased windows from them & they were supposed to be installed on Friday, April 18, 2014.

However, it was pouring down rain. So, I called them to cancel. NO ONE ANSWERED EVERY TIME I CALLED, Found out it was Good Friday. However, I did get a call from the installer who was already on his way with our windows.

I told him it was raining and that I tried to call the office/sales room and no one answered. He told me they had a holiday - Good Friday! Really! Why do the installers have to work with no one manning the customer service calls in case of issues like rain!

Okay so I have to wait until Monday. NO ONE called me. I had to call them. I scheduled it for today, April 245h.

They assured me I would be the first on their installations. They told me to expect the people between 9 and 11 a.m. It is NOW 11:30 and they are still not here. Oh, they called me about an hour ago and said it would be a little after 11.

Yea right.

I hate waiting at doctors' offices but having to wait on a product that you have spent a lot of money on as well as no customer service when they are sending out installers on a holiday with no customer service call center, is not very good customer appreciation.

to Anonymous #1572714

Who doesn't know when it's a holiday. They were coming out anyway to fix your old tired windows.

NO ONE called me- geez what a whiner!!

So nobody called you- big deal. People like you always want top treatment because you're "entitled." Get off your rear end and put on your big-girl pants and get a life...

Elkhart, Indiana, United States #803646

You are right 189.00 a Big lie ....12 windows for a ranch style house $ 6,956.00. What Washington math 12 x 189.00 = $ 6,456.00

to no more BS #803886

What did you add on - we had basic white windows put in for less than 400 each and no one came in less. It seems you are upgrading the basic window.

We love our windows

Honesty and Integrity

Christiansburg, Virginia, United States #619730

Had an estimate today because i saw the advertisement of Any Window, any size $189 on their tv advertisement. Fr one replacement bedroom window, normal size, $387.

Despite me telling them I would dispose of my own window (father-in-law recycles them), they still wanted to charge me $115 for that. Fir three windows and a door, they estimated th cost at $7525. REALLY? I can go to Lowe's and do the same job with the same materials for under $1500.

Their tv ad is clearly false advertising because they say $189 installed. $387 is not $189.

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