Tyler, Texas
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I was pleased with the installation of my windows, however, I was told three different times there would be no hidden costs.. Hense I now am the proud owner of 11 new windows, Great on the inside Unfinished on the outside...It seems wrapping is required to the tune of $65.00 per window.

Why was I not informed of this by the salesman? Apparently this technique is known as low balling. Very effective as I am right where they want me to be. I was told by Gail, the recetionest her boss would get back to me.

That has been going on two weeks and no word. Guess they have their money so no need to talk to me now..

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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Installation costs vary based on the wall material. The windows of my house that had siding cost more than the ones that went in brick, concrete. Of course you have more that are in siding.


I am in the process of having 13 installed, just ordered them yesterday....The finish trim on the outside was included in the first estimate, and should have been figured in by your salesman, sounds like he tried to take advantage of you, mine figures at $57 each?