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We had 26 brown windows installed. It took 5 months for the windows to be delivered.

The brown coloring is only paint that has been sprayed on. There were many places that the wrapping pulled the paint off. They wanted to use a touch up pen to correct. We refused the windows.

They reordered the windows and the new batch was the same way. We agreed to accept the windows if they removed the upcharge for the brown "Premium" color. Two of the windws were not measured correctly. The owner tried to tell me it was my fault the windows did not fit.

We had plywood on the outside of our home until they could get them reordered and installed. The new windows were damaged when delivered (twice). We ended up keeping our orginal windows to give to someone else and they still charged us a disposal fee $125 for windows they did not remove. How can you charge for something you did not do?

From siging the contract to job completion, it took 10 months!

The windows are great now that they are installed.

The installer that installed the windows paid attention to details and cared about the quality of his work. The owner will never see the $125 he wants for the disposal fee of windows he did not dispose.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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I'm sure you put a disposal fee in your bid you just didnt call it a disposal fee


Wow! I was stuck on the $125 disposal fee. I'm a small remodeler and for the past 20 years, we have never charged a disposal fee.


The brown exterior was a laminate to the exterior vinyl frame, not paint, which had very minor scuff marks that could be touched up routinely; WW reordered the frames a second time with the authorization of the factory with no additional charge to the customer. The second time was refused as well from the customer; WW Memphis, the factory, and the customer agreed to keep the windows as long they got a credit for the exterior color which they did.

In addition, we routinely charge a $125 disposal fee which does not discern between existing windows or trash or debris of which we did have since we had to dispose of the second set of frames and trash. There was never any agreement to waive any disposal fee, it is contractually binding.

As far as any mismeasured windows, there was an ellipse shape window rather large with extended leg, the exisitng window was wood, the leg dimension was below minimum height; WW Memphis did not want to do this window but the customer insisted we come up with a way to do so; we improvised and removed a horizontal mull between the ellipse window and the three windows below to lower the mull and increase the leg dimension but that created other tricky dimensional issues. WW Memphis tried to walk away from this customer twice before the contract was signed and sometimes we wish we had.