Window World of Central Coast California is ***.

They install inferior products and they take forever ordering and installing. My simple project took 6 months They do not give written estimates.

When compare their prices, they are double of any any competitor. I ! I wish I had never called them! I had several Windows and a slider installed.

A total of six Windows for over $4,400. When I got the garden window, the side vent windows were defective. It took 3 months for the vendor to repair them. They also do lousy carpentry.

The window in the bedroom was so badly installed, I called a carpenter at my own expense to come repair it.

Also the Window came with a hole in the screen. Losers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Santa Barbara, California, United States #690473

Dear Anonymous,

My name is Joe Miller and I am the Sales Rep for Santa Barbara County. I have been with the company since Sep. 2011.

I don't recall ever selling a job in Goleta with the windows and door you are speaking of. We sell very few garden windows, so I would remember if I sold 1 to a job in Goleta, but I have not.

Also, if you were to get a quote for 6 windows, a garden window and a sliding glass door, you would find that the price of $4400 is very good. If you state that we are double, then the competitors would be selling all of that for $2200?? You are sadly mistaken.

Please, next time you want to spread lies about our franchise, at least do it under your own name.

Thank you and have a great day,

Joe Miller

Sales Representative

Window World Central Coast


I am so glad I went to this site I almost thought about contacting them.Thanks for the input. I have heard enough.

Don't need the headaches.

Sounds like most of the businesses in this world, they want your money and in return you get garbage while the "FAT CAT" lives high on the hog off of our money. It is too bad there is such bad service and craftsmanship now days.

to Mike Thrasher Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #694641

If you would not post anonymously....corporate watches these sites like a hawk and would contact you so that they could have the franchise owner get in touch with you. I worked for this company and did not leave willingly; however, I can vouch that this is not how we are trained to do business and there are companies out there who would take you on a longer ride.

It takes a phone call to reach out to the owner or corporate and it will be made right. I don't see where this got you where or what you wanted.

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