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Our experience started off very well and we were impressed. We were given an awesome price quote for all our windows, which included six arched windows.

All our windows were to be installed the same day, two weeks before Thanksgiving. The Square windows were installed perfect and professionally. The Arched windows is where the trouble started. First, not all the parts were ordered, or course they did not realize this until the first window was removed.

So a new window was installed with no outside trim, leaving the window frame exposed and foam insulation visible from the front of our house. I was told by a field supervisor he would call me back the next day with an answer on when the rest of our window parts would arrive. I gave them a few extra days when no one called. I spent a week calling everyday and never received a phone call back.

Always told someone would call me back in 10 minutes, and they never did. When I asked for someone above a Field Manager to complain, Mr. Robert Smyth was the person who finally returned my call and promised me I was a priority to complete my windows. Nothing Changed.

Finally in January when the crew arrived to complete the six remaining windows....again the parts were not there and the parts they had were a different color. Mr Smyth told me they paint the parts and to match and explained a long installation process that was not how it was initially explained. The crew that had arrived to install the windows, and has 13 years experience, were not told to paint and had never heard of the process they were told to install the windows. The crew even stated, the windows were in the wrong frames and the company was trying to fix the problem without ordering the correct windows.

Once again a Field Manager arrived on site. He was at a loss as well and spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to find out what went wrong. Again I was told he would call me back the next day. Again, I was calling a week later and could not get returned calls.

Again, Mr. Smyth stated he would fix the problem. Finally, I was told all my window parts were on a truck. But they did not know which of three trucks that arrive throughout the week.

I was asked to give them to the end of the week to find the parts to my windows. I did not hear back. I called the following week and the Field Manager did not know if the parts were in. He would have to call someone the next day.

My patience was done. I explained my windows should have been in before Thanksgiving and here it was the end of January and no resolution. I was also told I would be a priority customer. I was going to fire the company if resolution was not made on my windows.

The response was like a teenager; they wanted to test my word. Again, no response and again no idea. So, I fired Window World and said I would not pay for the windows not installed, tell me a final bill. Two weeks later I received a call to make final payment for what I owed.

All the hassle and I owed $100. Soooo, I call to make my final payment. Again they are not ready and I have to wait for a phone call back to make the final payment. This company is not organized and has no sense of integrity.

I would not recommend them to install your windows.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Window World Pros: Installation of square windows.

Window World Cons: Customer service when problems occur.

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