Middletown, New York
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I bought windows 2 years ago from them and they still leak air............ENERGY EFFICINET...........HA.............and then they want to blame it on the supplier.........they come and shove insulation in the windows and say that should fix it I'm sorry but dont you think that they should have came that way. I think its a cheap fix by them and that they sell cheap windows.

just remeber if it sounds to good to be true then it is. That is Window World of Peoria, they had one in Bloomington, but i guess they sucked so much that they had to close the doors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Window World of Bloomington ordered the wrong window for me and after waiting three weeks to install, they said if I want my $259 deposit back, I would have to take them to court. VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Window World of Bloomington is no better. They ordered wrong window and said if we want our money back to take them to court.

VERY rude.

Sounded drunk over the phone. Lost $259 down payment because they ordered the wrong window.


Why do people think if they buy the cheapest piece of *** they are going to get gold?

You bought a $60.00 window marked up to $189.00 to cover installation, T.V. and Billboard advertising, store rent and utilities, salesmen commissions, etc.

You got what you paid for, so stop complaining!


there is a window world in Bloomington. They have been open and serving the community and surrounding counties since 2008.

I have seen plenty of billboards and commercials. im not sure why someone would think that they closed,they did move to a larger location.

Nothing is 100% perfect if you had issues with another store you should have contacted corporate. i do understand peoria had its issues in the past but i have first hand experience with corporate and they will go out of their way to make sure you are happy.

I hope this helps.


And they are rude and care less about customer service. Same owner as Peoria.


My Window World experiences have been absolutely wonderful...I consider the source when you can't even spell REMEMBER...hooked on phonics doesn't work for you, nor does your inaccurate judgement on quality...get with the program...


You must work for those rude people?


5 YRS. Back I ordered a $ 1300.00 window .Came home and found a mess.

The panels on sides of window were 2 pics but sealed with a heavy smear of caulk. The plastic hold downs on the screens break all the time. Took 5 weeks before they sent new ones. Wouldn't let any from that co.

Carry my garbage out. :(


11-20-10 have an est at 0800. 0815 call to ask if running late or forgot me- left message, 0915 i go online to check on w/w.thank god i did. i dont need all that *** im reading about them in my life


I disagree, I'm happy with my window world experience


i hope people are starting to see what kinda company WW is. they are the best company(while they are courting you),,,untill you sign that contract.

then you will never be able to get ahold of them,, have problems years down the road like this gentleman ,, and you dont know for sure your windows are even correct (thats a cincinnati store issue with their rough cutting mis measured windows on the job, up to 1 3/4 taken off).

future problems more then likely with those cut windows. do your homework people