Sacramento, California

As an Operations Manager for a 80,000 sqft manufacturing facility I have had numerous occasions to contract with firms for various construction projects. In all of my years I am hard pressed to recall a company as dedicated and compliant as Window World of Sac. They have gone the extra mile in customer service and satisfaction. We had 9 sliding triple pane windows, 2 double-hung windows, a garden window and a large double sliding door installed as well as the installation of Alside Prodigy siding around the entire house. We cannot say enough about the quality of workmanship, work ethic, professionalism and just plain courtesy everyone involved in this project exhibited at all times.

Bryon Goldberg (Company President) and Peter Weiss (Salesman) worked with us to fulfill our needs and expectations while managing to stay within our budget for both windows and siding. It was wonderful to deal with people who kept us and our vision in mind rather than the sale.

The installation started on the date agreed on. Window installation was done first headed by Crew Leader Terry Allen. He and his partner did an exceptional job removing and installing all windows and the large doors. Terry insured everything was square and fit properly. He demonstrated all installed components and provided information on the care. All windows and the doors fit and operate flawlessly. Their removal and installation process was completed in two days.

Window World of Sacramento worked with Vinyl Solutions for the installation of the Alside Prodigy siding. Again I cannot give enough praise for the job these folks performed. The crew was headed by Slavik Moroz who was relentless when it came to detail. His crew removed the old siding, wrapped all exterior exposed wood, installed soffit under the eaves, fiberboard on the frame, installed a moisture barrier and then the siding. the process took 8 days, no day was below 93 degrees.

We are pleased with everything that was done. If you live in or near Sacramento I highly recommend that you use this company. They are great people.

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Watch out people total ripoff Don't be the next victim!!! :x :eek


Window world blows what a scam !! :cry


:( Classic bait and switch scam BEWARE


I did not call Mr. Hotshot any thing but Hotshot.

I am not vulgar! It is about money, big business!


Oh Johnny, you forgot to mention something here. All commercial buildings must by law in any state in the United States have permits pulled and a building inspector must inspect the windows.

It's a matter of public safety. Or in your exuberance you happened to over look that minor detail. Tell us all where your 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located so OSHA, the department of labor will know where to go to enforce the safety rules that are meant to protect your workers from dummies like you who cut corners and place their workers lives in jeopardy! California has it's share of earthquakes and fires, that Garden Window and Large Double Hung Window MUST BE TEMPERED!

Otherwise it can shatter and kill your workers! Mr.

Hotshot you are an ***, more concerned with your bonus at the end of the year than the lives of the people who work for you! :(