Monroe Township, New Jersey
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Salesman were very convincing, but not very knowledgeable when it came to the install. All windows were mismeasures and the installer was stuck in the middle of this mess.

The installer called the office and put the manager on speaker and was told to make them fit at all costs. I was appalled to here the "manager", Lindsey, tell them to do the work knowing that they weren't the right size. The installer told me that 75% of the jobs are usually like this and told they won't have a job if they didn't install them. The installer refused to do the work and left the job.

I contacted him after the incident and he told me that I should demand my money back and not to put in the windows because the windows are poor quality. He also quit afterward and told me the salesman do not know how to measure windows and have minimal experience with window measurements.

I ended up giving the installer another job that needed to be done, and he did a wonderful job! If I can get my money back from these crooks I will definitely give him a call to get better quality windows that might cost a little more but are a reputable name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Window world is the best value period!!


i know for a fact that certain window worlds have hundreds of mismeasures every year

@funny mismeasure a regular pro



I am the original owner of this store with a perfect record. After building their name for 5 years they gave my business to another WW owner in Baton Rouge, LA..

Hurricane Katrina made him wealthy. I was one day late renewing my license was their reasoning. I grew 50% in 2010. They have left my family (2 young kids) financially devastated and stuck us with a $36,000 lease on a showroom.

I have opened "Keystone Window" so please call for a better window. 267-308-0000.

@Rob Mato

Sure I will


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