Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
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WW landing page states "trust is not replaceable". I was going to buy windows from this company when my wife was curious about their low ball price approach and discovered the company picture (with a lot of personnel shown) is from Louisiana?

How can you "TRUST" a company that "substitutes" a fake picture. This is not a simple clerical error. Why not use a local picture? Customers dig deeper!

Turns out, the owner is from Louisiana and not local at all. On top of this, the $189 advertised is not even on the contract I received?

"TRUST" is defined differently in Philly. If Kathy Ireland only knew?

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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You are not alone. The same thing is happening in Fl.

They are using unlicensed, substandard subcontractors for all of their installations. They will not honor their warrenty at all!!!! Run Far and Fast.

Do not give them any money. The product is very bad in every way shape and form.


A. The literature left in our home says "locally owned and operated" which is not the case in Philly and most likely many other cities.

We will only buy from local business's. Why would anyone buy a home Improvement product from an absentee owner 1,000's of miles away. When a problem arises(and they do with an average window and scary subcontractors) eventually, nobody will be found. Trust???


No $189 on the contract speaks volumes about their overall character and hidden agenda. Run while you can.

C. Just assume 50% of all these complaints are true and are from honest people trying to protect the next "guinea pig", Run as fast as you can to an ethical company.

ps. they do charge extra if you have more than one floor.......Nickel and Dime you to death.......


.... seriously?

are you going to complain that they don't sell globes made out of windows and therefore the company name is misleading?



You are correct that the owner of the store is from Louisiana. Since Window World's are franchises there are many store owners that own stores in multiple cities and the owner of the Philadelphia store also owns the a few stores in LA.

Please contact us directly at the Philadelphia store to answer any questions you may have about your contract because there may be small additional charges based on the size and style of window.


Window World of Philadelphia