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I had 14 windows installed last spring by window world, everyone is drafty. The workmanship of the installation was *** poor.So far after 2 calls they have done nothing.I would not recommend window world to anyone.

The inside trim joints do not fit right, and they banged up the trim on installation.Cold air comes in all around every window.Outside trim is very sloppy and unprofessional.A three window unit in front of the house is trimed out in metal, and is the worst looking mess you ever saw.

The installer Mike Morgan is supposed to have 20 years experience. I must have been building dog houses.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I don't know if you guys realize that all the Window World locations are franchises. I would complain to the corporate headquarters.

I am in the process of getting windows and I have seen homes that Window World Dallas/Ft. Worth has installed. Their work looked fantastic in my opinion and even talked to a few homeowners. They were all extremely pleased.

Again, yell loud and often to corporate and maybe you will get some response from your local franchise. You do have a lifetime warranty. Make them earn your business again and correct all your problems.

Just lazy people trying to get away with what you will let them get away with for their shoddy work. Good Luck!!!!


THESE INSTALLATION COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED. I have a proposal, and their literature and verbal information is really good, compared to Lowes, whom I am also thinking about.

Just before I called them to go ahead, I decided to look at the complaints on this web site and glad I did. I plan to confront them about the problems.

Incidentally,their window guarantee is better than Lowes, in that they guarantee free replacement to include LABOR life. But if they can't stand up, then the warranty is no good if you can't find them.


a few years back we had 4 windows installed , I took the trim boards off today to instal new walls and found that the installers never even caulked around the windows!It sure didn't do me anygood to pay extra for the better windows if they didn't even fill the 1/4 to 3/8's in gaps around the windows I feel air blowing thru no wonder that back hall is so freekin cold in this Wisconsin Winter.


Man I wish I had done more research before going with the lowest bidder. Guess I'll have to chalk this one up to experience.

I thought I made a good decision plus the salesman new my bro-in-law so thought we might actually get good customer service and a good install. Boy was I wrong. First the install guys didn't clean up AT ALL. They were using a crowbar to HAMMER out the windows.

I should have stopped them right there. Second they damaged sheetrock on just about every window frame. They used caulk to fill in the holes. I called them on that and they sent someone out to fix...halfway decent job on that.

Third, they damaged the siding around ALL of my windows. They have sent no less than 5 people out to look at it. NOTHING has been done yet.

Unfortunately, I did the financing for 12 months so they already have their money. Live and learn my and learn.


I'm just so frustrated right now. I'm normally really good doing my research.

I had Window World do a window installation job today and the work is awful. Luckily they were not able to finish due to the weather. This is my opportunity to reach out to a home inspector, city code representative and BBB then a lawyer. There is at least 2 inches left from the trim and the window and caulk used to fill it in.

I refuse to pay them until they correct all 5 windows. My power and gas bill was low but with this job it will go thru the roof. I can't believe this company is operating with such poor workmanship. There is broken glass in side my house, the window in my master bathroom won't lock and I can pull it out of the frame.

Not to mention the damage they caused to the frame. I'm going to see if, I can get the inspector out her by no later than Tuesday. I'm just so upset and I can't stop crying about how my home is destroyed by these people not to mention the lack of concern about my time and money. The installer called me at 9:30am to say he would be at my home at 10am.

Well he called be back at 10:38 to say they stopped for a *** to eat. They did not arrive to my home until 11:45 am.

That should have been my opportunity to say that was ok and just loose half the down payment. :cry


Window world is a JOKE!! They play like they care but really they have your money and move on to the next sucker!!


My husband and I ordered a crank bay window and 4 double hung windows. It seems to me that the main problem is with their double hung windows.

We have 1/2 an inch of flack, you can move the window up and down when it is locked. That is very unacceptable. When I addressed these issues, they sent someone out and then that person told me that the window sashes were made too small for the frame and that they would have to be manufactured again. I called the next day to see how everything was going on my re-order and Don from Window World of Omaha told me that there wasn't a problem and that I was full of it.

He said that the manufacturer claims there is supposed to be up to 1/4 inch of flack. I told him it was 1/2 an inch and he told me his guy said it wasn't true. Even though his guy had just been at my home the day before and admitted it to be true and told my husband and I that there was a problem. I haven't even had the windows 4 days and they won't stand by there warranty.

I told the guy that I could feel a breeze coming through these windows and if they weren't replaced to be as I ordered, then I would have no choice but to dispute the credit card charge & file an initial complaint with the better business bureau. I gave him a warning because my intention is to have them fixed, not to be stuck with them. I did not threaten him. I told him that this was a problem that I spent $5,000.00 on and I was disgusted and needed it fixed.

Don then told me that he would just get ahold of their attorney and see me in court.

He was yelling at me and telling me that I was full of myself and that there wasn't anything wrong with my windows. I am filing a harassment complaint with his company, with the attorney general, with the better business bureau, among other resources.



I would like to know what/if any compensation has been made to any of these people who have complaints right now. I am in the beginning stages of filing a complaint with the BBB/Consumer Protection and Attorney General...curious to know if anyone has had their issues resolved to their satisfaction.


Well we got screwed too..we live in a modular home and wanted to get new windows in it before having siding installed. They put the window INSERTS?

WTH? I have NEVER heard of that...they had told my husband about 1/2 in in from the original ones but some are as much as 2 inches from the house frame work. They even put one window on the woodwork of the inside of the house! Looks horrible!

And called them yesterday and they don't care at all!

What a rip off. Calling BBB.


window world of beckley,wva. is the wrong place to go and get siding.

they are very rude and offer no samples at all.

I just wonder what kind of work they will do when it is fin ally installed. they don't advertise they go by your family,friends and neighbors ,I sure wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase from them, my mistake, and i learn from my mistakes as well.


I had some windows put in and the installers wrapped the metal on the outside of the siding instaed of tucking it under so rain would not get it, so they finally came and fixed that, then one of the windows started to bow on bottom and they came out and said the shims that they put the window on must have fell down the wall......ooppsss! How the *** does that happen if you are doinf it right, then they said they were out of the trim they put around the inside of the window when they installed them so after a few months of them missing I called to remind them and am still waiting for the trim.

it all started when I had the sales guy do the contract and got him the $$ then left tons of messages for him and he never got back to me, so when the installers showed up I told them I was hesitant to get them installed because if this is how they are treating me now, what about repairs or warranty work, how would anything EVER get done if he never gets back to you! I also sent the $$ for 2 entrance doors to be installed and a month and a half after they had the $$ I finally get them to say, sorry we haven't even ordered them yet, so then the lady who schedules the jobs leaves me a message last week asking if this friday would work for install and I call and say yes(on her message machine) and she calls yeaterday and says she never called me to set it up in fact she had NO IDEA when they will be in but hopefully by the end of the month! ??? WTF, who runs a business like this, what will happen if I need a window replaced under warranty?

I am scared now! :cry


I am a window world installer and I take great pride in my work and great pride being a window world installer. I am a sub-contractor and I am not paid by the hour.

That being said, you will NEVER find a quality installer on hourly wages. We will not work for that. Window World that I work for expects us to take care of our customers for up to a year for free. Do you understand that means if we "hurry" our work then there will be more work,for free, in our future.

I have been with Window World going on four years and I could not be prouder of their products. I say respectfully that you will not get a better window and definetely not a better price.

We walk backwards and are totally at the mercy of our customers. Thank you.


If you had a window world window install and get a draft in your windows. Make sure bolth sashes are closed correctly. They may appear closed but are not.


I also have had the problem with air leaking and having to put plastic on the windows in the winter months. WindowWorld has not been very good with their customer service to say the least. My problem has been ongoing since 2007.


They have a sticker that resembles the "Energy Star" label. Look closer it says "we sell Energy Star", but what they sold me could never pass as an Energy Star window!

I was mislead to believe I was buying an Energy Star window!

What I got was drafty windows, nearly impossible to open, dangerous windows (city inspector says they must be taken out!) and damage to my framing and casing. Worst contractor nightmare I've ever experienced!


To Whom it may concern,

Your concerns matter greatly to us. At Window World we value our customers above all else. In fact our biggest source of business comes from satisfied homeowners who refer us to their family, friends and neighbors. Thus we are very concerned that you are dissatisfied.

We also take great pride in our products, service and installation. We do have a question for you: Could you possibly have us confused with another company? You mentioned an installer named Mike Morgan, we have never had an installer by that name work for us. We monitor every job very closely and we do not have record of such a complaint, we do not know who you are and we would like to address your concerns. May we contact you directly by e-mail or phone to discuss the specific details of your complaint. Please respond with your contact information so that we may discuss this with you. You may also call us directly at 303-574-9594 or email Rick at If you feel more comfortable, please contact our corporate office at

Even though, much time has passed and we have never been able to find out who you are, we thought we would reach out again. It really matters to us that all of our customers are happy with their new windows.


Christina Rose, Window World of Denver Owner


in cincinnati/northern KY ,,if they have a mis-measured window. they dont re-order a new one to fit correctly.

they just tell the installers to cut the window to what ever makes it fit,,,oh,,,and make sure the homeowner doesnt see you do it. i have cut off up to 1 3/4 inches ,,,didnt leave but a 1/2 inch of frame left . looked terrible,,,and can not believe it stayed in place. all this because the new manager believes vinyl windows are made like wood windows and ment to cut to fit if it is mis measured.

make any sense to you ? didnt think so. oh,,,and good luck trying to get a hold of the manager,,,you would be better to catch him at the gym or on facebook during the day rather then try to call him. this company has no respect for homeowners,,,installers,,,or even the office people.

could go on and on with this company,,,but i think you all get the point. do some research people


the problem with window world is they use subcontractors and they are hit or miss. you might be lucky and get a good job but 80% of the time you will get a terrible job, because the subs get paid by how much they get done and not by the hour the faster they get done the more money they make and craftsmanship and integrity are the last on their list!

window world needs to be shut down! beware of franchise home improvement companys!


They are installing the windows in my home literally as I type.

I have complained three times already.

I have called the company and the salesman-they are telling me they cannot do anything even though it was their fault!! The windows look fine from the outside of the house, but they look terrible from the inside of the house. The windows are not deep/thick enough to fill the space. They should have a windowsill or some sort of trim to cover up the wood and drywall that are showing at the bottom of the window.

I am not a window installer I wouldn't know to tell them to add on window sills. Shouldn't this be something they should mention when they have you cornered in your house for the 2 hour sales pitch!

I am so disappointed! This is not over...


I don't understand your guys complaints. I had 19 windows installed Nov 09 and have no complaints.

No air drafts, no frost build up etc etc. I think best investment for the money.