Shreveport, Louisiana

Orlando, FL. - Window World - I had 18 windows replaced throughout the house.

It took 4 weeks but they finally showed up with a crew that looked like they just came from standing around a burning trash can on the corner lot. They were hurried, sloppy and left a complete mess and just left. They also missed several places where caulk was needed. When they removed the windows in the master bathroom, they got the black "glazing" material all over the window jambs and the blinds (ruined them).

After several calls/emails, the owner finally emailed me back with "sorry this happened, it must be a case of 'Friday-itis'??? . He said they would get someone out on Monday to clean up the mess, as if we were going to sit around in filth all weekend. We cleaned it up ourself.

It was like pulling teeth to get him to give us a $100 credit. He has yet to replace the ruined blinds. This was the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with and I would NEVER recommend them to anyone.

No customer service ! I took pictures and videos of everything I claimed here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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Had an issue with one of the windows they installed - after 4 years. The frame apparently had a hairline crack that let water in and ruined the drywall and baseboard inside my den.

The not only replaced it but paid for my contractor to replace the drywall and baseboard. I was impressed.

It did take several follow up calls to remind them and about 3 weeks but, they took care of it. Wanted to be fair.


I also will not recommend this company to anyone.I replaced the windows in my bedsrooms and bathrooms with the low-e,argon gas double hung windows that were supposed to be energy efficient and cut down on outside noise...what a joke!there is absolutely NO diference in my reduction of outside noise and the bedrooms and bathrooms are just as cold and drafty as they were with the old windows.don't waste your money on these windows.also,the woman that answers the phone is extremely rude and unprofessional and will literally laugh at you if you complain about your new windows.(mine failed inspection due to inadequate caulking on one of them by the way).she called me a liar when i told her there was no difference with these windows versus my old ones!i asked for the manager to call me back...never did!she probably didn't even give him the message.


there windows look great installers suck and are sloppy


What I don't like is their dishonest market practices. They wasted my time with a $189 window claim and thought I was *** enough to believe I should pay more because I have a block house. I heard they are being sued for this.


The man in the office Dennis is a complete joke and should not be a manager he yells at people on the phone and has a really bad attitude I don't know how this guy has his job I will call the Better Business Bureau to complain about him


Let me get this straight, there was a little grease on a blind cord and customer started this brain damage? OMG! This customer is mental.


I see a lot of negative feedback on this window company and was truly hoping to buy theirwindows for our new construction home but after reading several of the "BAD FEEDBACK" it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I can't stand when a company advertises a price and then does the bait and switch, so it looks like i will be buying the Milgard windows...


Your company is a joke!


sounds like they did all they could to make the customer happy.


This installation could obviously have been handled better.We did fail to double check the entire house before we left and make sure we left no debris behind. We are not perfect all the time and we have appologized more times than we can count. We credited Mr. Chase $100 for cleaning and inconvenience the evening of the installation and as soon as we learned of the grease on the blind cord the service tech was dispatched to clean it. When it was learned that it could not be cleaned sufficiently, we sent him a check to replace it.Here's the time line:

Friday 5/14/10 3pm Installation done, debris left behind.

Friday 5/14/10 4pm Emails/Phone calls from client about debris,Response= apologies from Office staff, phone call from installer, offers from both to come out Saturday morning to clean up.

Friday 5/14/10 5pm Email from Window World manager (at the time in an EPA class)to get specifics from client to take care of problem.

Friday 5/14/10 7:30pm Manager contacts client via cell phone to discuss the matter personally, credit for $100 is issued.

Saturday 5/15/10 11am Client emails manager satisfied with resolution

Friday 5/21/10 Client emails office having discovered smear on blind cord

Friday 5/28/10 Schedual Friday appointment per client for service tech to attempt cleaning of blind cord, unsuccessful

Friday 5/28/10 6:22pm Manager emails client concerning blinds, agrees to replace entirely

Tuesday 6/1/10 Window World check is issued for $75.00

These are the events that took place. We take alot of pride in the customer service aspect of Window World and have thousands of satisfied customers because we know we rely on the valuable opinions of our clients and their overall satisfaction for our next phone call.

Thank you