Las Vegas, Nevada
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We searched online for replacement brand new window. We got their service but it is really bad experence.

1. They are so slower, it takes more than one month from the time measurements to installation.

We wait about three weeks to all windows in their company, and we were told that we need to have another three weeks to installed by them. Finally we decided to install ourselves, we don't want to wait another three weeks. We asked twice what it is different between self installation and your company installation. Window world response that they don't guarrenty the size of window, and nothing else.

2. When we install it, we found there is missing strips. We called company but they said that the strips are not included. We are mad that they did not disclosure this material facts for this installation processing. All staffs from this company are arguing and rude. They think that they did right.

I don't mind purchasing the strip if needed for self installation, but I don't like that they did not inform us at all, and they deney their faults. It makes me more unhappy... the company needs inform us from the beginning so that we could have it all together, but we waste money on hiring handymen to install them but we could not complete installation on scheduled.

3. Also they make wrong windows as well. It suppose to updown window, they make it leftright window. We have drawing on the wall, it should be updown.

Anyway, ads are not so good to be trusted, we need to have expericens it how it is.


Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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You obviously have no clue how construction works...or the English language for that matter.


Wow!!!! You're obviously a ***. I had to ask my 8 year old to read this and translate it for me