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I have bought several different types of blinds, shades, and window coverings from Window World in Hawaii on at least 10 different occasions, and have spent more than $10,000 with them. Based on my experiences with them I will not do business with them again.

Their service or manufacturing has been less than acceptable on about 70% of orders placed with them. Also it appears as though they have lied to me about who they do business with. I have asked on more than 1 occasion if they sell to retail customers or only to designers, contractors, and other blind retailers, and was told confidently that they sell strictly wholesale to the trade, contractors and designers by one of their sales representatives. I have since run in to several retail customers that claimed they had bought blinds directly from Window World both several years ago and very recently.

On their business card it states "Manufacturers and wholesale only" I have also seen this statement in other advertisements of theirs. I recently was told by a customer who I was giving an estimate to that they were also getting a quote from window world, it was a small, retail job. When I followed up on the estimate with the customer they told me they gave their business to window world and were buying direct from them with no designer, contractor or other party involved. I feel wronged by them and I have become increasingly disatisfied with them since my first transaction with them for multiple reasons including poor customer service, failure to provide necessary installation components on several occasions, using wrong colors or materials, and failure to manufacture blinds with specified functionality.

Window World is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of custom blinds, shades and window coverings located in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

I have done buisness with them many times and will not do business with them again, though I am constantly in need of blinds as I am a blind retailer. Aloha

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I highly agree they need to be more professional, this company is very disorganized by the way it looks.i wouldnt recommend.i paid toi much for such bad customer service via Phone operator as well.


That is not part of the Window World Family at All.


This may be Window World, but it is not part of the Window World family