Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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I got a quote from window world because I did not have time to replace them myself. I work full time and have a 6 month old.

Salesman was alright not great but not bad. The problem started when the contractor showed up to measure the Windows. He showed up in flip flops, very unprofessional. The first thing he said was "who do I know here, someone requested me." We did not know nor request him.

He then proceeded to interrupt us and said upstairs first, upstairs. Then we got to the picture window and he was trying to figure out how to save time by cutting corners. I asked him simple questions about how he was planning to install the window. After he explains how he was going to install he explained how taking a shortcut would take him 20min less.

Overall he was rude inconsiderate and non professional. The way he wanted to install the window would have been right if he put all new trim, but we were reusing my trim, which left a gap and he wanted to fill 1/4" gap with caulk to save 20min.

Window world didn't try to make up for it. Poor customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Replacement.

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