Richmond, Virginia

Rencently had Window World provide an estimate for window replacement, 11 total windows. Their ads say $xxx Installed.

No asteriks, no other disclaimers at all in their print ads. When the estimate came back, they upgraded me automatically to a more expensive window, and the estimate was full of additional charges such as removal fees (which I understand), EPA charges???, site set up charges???,buck frame charges???,exterior trim charges, etc.

When challenged, they never called back. I had another and this time REPUTABLE company provide an estimate.

It was clean and to the point. No additional charges and they did an excellent job. Beware with Window World.

The sales people must be commissioned on how much *** they can *** a customer into paying. Not this boy!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Replacement.

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same thing happened to me, stay away!


Learn about windows before you start talking about them..... You know who you are


What is the most expensive window you can buy????

Its the window you buy twice.....

Why would you even want a $189 window?

made in china

These are the same type of people that bought a yugo for a car, and i dont see them on the road anymore......


Bri check your facts. I bought 34 windows from Window World for $189.00 on contract and only extra charge was for lead paint.

Which I aware of and deal with in my profession. Window World did a great job and will use again on next houses.


Bri check your facts. I bought 34 windows from Window World for $189.00 on contract and only extra charge was for lead paint.

Which I aware of and deal with in my profession. Window World did a great job and will use again on next houses.


bottom line is you get what you pay for. and from exp.

if you have to pay 300$ for your window,,,your getting a good window and it will be installed correctly.i have found the higher priced window companies are the ones who care about what product they put out there.

and the quality. this is coming from an installer.


I used Window World and had no problems with them. The prices were clearly stated on their price sheet so I knew exactly how much each option would add.

The $189 price is for the basic window, not installed, and that is fine for some people.

I had quotes from HD and Lowes which went up to twice the WW price for pretty much the same style window, plus since there was no price list it was very difficult to find out how much adding or deleting a feature since it would require the salesman to run his secret numbers again. With WW you just look at the list and add another $15 or whatever that feature costs.


@ John I own a window and door company and could have sold you a window that has won 3 awards from JD Power and Associates, with Low-E, and GUARANTEED you a job that you would love. Did I mention the window manufacture has been in business since 1946. All around the price of $280.00 a window (double hung).



I would be interested in talking with you about installing windows.

Near airport in Richmond.


Window World does not sell windows for $189.00. Their contracts do not state such a price and after add all of their other fees, you spend well more than $189.00 anyways.

Do some research people. There are dozens of other window and door manufactures out there as well as local businesses that would love the business.

Not to mention when dealing with companies that are small and experiences you get the BEST results and you will spend a WHOLE lot less for better products IF you only do alittle research. Think about it!


I challenge anyone out there to find a window as good as I purchased with the same features (tax credit eligible) installed with LIFETIME warranty for $308.00 each from a company thats been around as long as Window World !!!!


Company name?


I bought windows last year from Windowworld and paid 189 each for white double hung windows installed. No more no less.just like the ad read.

I didn't need any of the extras as this is a rental property. Thanks


I am sure by now that we can all come to the conclusion "That you get what you pay for!!" Windows can cost over $2,500 each or as little as $189 each. Do you need the $2,500 window?

NO! Do you want the $189 window ##LL NO!!! First of all it will not cost you $189, these windows are like buying a car "Oh you wanted tires with your car!" wake up this is just a way for the salesman to gain access to your home, by the time you buy the extra you need for this window all you did was put lipstick on a pig.By this time their salesman is switching you to one of their up-scaled windows which you still need to by extras for.

I purchased my windows from Sears Home Improvement their price seemed a little high at first then I realized it included everything including a FULL SCREEN standard (why would anyone sell a double hung window with a HALF SCREEN, what else are they cutting cost on???)replacing any damage wood on my existing frames, standard w/ low-e glass, insulation installed between existing frames and new windows, capping all exterior wood, and caulking the interior for a finish appearance. I know I sound like an add for Sears but they were worth what it thought I was paying extra for.


Angie, I too went to Window World last week and by the time I was done, was going to pay much more than the $189 advertised rate. I chose to buy Thermo Tech windows from a lumber yard and install them myself.

Although not inexpensive, the Thermo Tech windows I put in my addition 10 years ago are still good as new. Worth looking into. You can visit their website to find a dealer near you. Visit

To give you an idea, my average window is 40" x 57", I bought casements (or crank outs) and paid roughly $485 each. They do qualify for the tax credit and have a lifetime warrenty.

Mine are tan, so I paid extra for that as well as extra for the recepter on the inside. Good luck.


Who did you use? I am considering going with Window World.

Which is a franchise, and they are all ran differently. I too thought I could go with the $189 window, but was told I couldn't and would have to to go with a $279 window for them to be Tax Credit Eligible. I have 2 really large windows too, and those are going to cost a boat load! He is trying to get me to do the trim wrap on the outside as well, not sure on that!

Tell me what "Reputable" company you used that charged you less? HELP...before I make this big purchase!