Chula Vista, California

What a disaster using Window World San Diego Pure Garbage, cheap materials, lousey salesman, lazy installers. Good Luck to anyone who uses these clowns!!

It took so long to get my windows installed I actually forgot I ordered them. I wish now that they had forgoton to place the order. It would have saved my home and my nerves. What was I thinking?

The windows leak, they are drafty. and the screen fall out of the frames.

The workmanship looked like a child was assigned the task. I pray for anyone who uses this bunch of yo yo's for their new window needs

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Post your message on Yelp. It will get resolved really quickly! Warn others as well.


I also suspect this post is from a competitor. Window World has done an excellent job installing windows in my own home and also my rental home.

The installers were very meticulous and the windows looks great. I'm having Window World return this year to replace an old patio door and two additional windows.


this complaint is obviously a competitor.I used to work for Window World and their windows are great better than most and they never installed were they have a draft.whenever a complaint has absolutely everything wrong and doesn't post the name or anything like that they're fake


They are made in China - duh!!!


As the owner of Window World in San Diego I am sorry to hear about your issues through these means, and I would love to personally talk to you about your experience that you had with us. This is the first that I have heard about something like you describe.

If we do not know who you are we cannot take care of your issues. What is your name?

Please contact us at anytime regarding the issues that you give very little information about. Our office number is (858) 875-3900 or e-mail me at