Overland Park, Kansas
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Was scheduled to have windows replaced 12/19. Did not show up or call.

I finally called and was told they had a scheduling conflict. Came 2 days later - due at 8 a.m., showed up at 8:30 a.m. Used pry bars to remove some windows from inside causing deep gouges in most window woodwork. After bringing this to their attention they brought in stain that did not match and used it to cover the gouges, also covering some paint and/or wallpaper in the process.

They used a lot of force to remove some window frames from outside, thereby tearing out some of the wood around the frame. I do admit that some of the wood may have been rotten, but when they told me I wouldn't be able to tell the difference when they were done, like a dummy, I believed them.

Windows appear to be ok, but the workmen seemed to be a bit heavy handed. Maybe because I was a woman alone here they thought they could take advantage of my naivete.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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My husband installed our two kitcchen windows and they fit just fine however they are supposed to tilt inward to clean. Yeah right they pop out of there slot and I cannot get them back in.I still have to get on a ladder and clean from the outside.

I would not recommend these particular windows at all. Very dissatisfied.


The installers are paid per piece (window) and severely underpaid. Look at the vehicles they drive?

This is what happens if the installation does not go smoothly.

They receive no extra pay to really fix the issue(s). Jobs rarely go smoothly.


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