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I just had Window World Install 6 windows. The windows themselves don't seem to be to bad, but the installers sucked! They arrived in the morning 1/2 hour earlier than the earliest time stated and the crew foreman (who was the main problem) entered my house and started ripping the drapes and blinds off the wall as if he was a one man demolition crew. Yes, they do ask you to remove the things out of the windows way, but my plan was to do this right before they were "scheduled" to arrive. This guy Robert started throwing dirty blinds on bedding and clothes and couches.

The next thing I hear is one of the assistants tearing into at one of the wrong windows and busting up the wooden sill. There idea of fixing it was to throw a load of caulk onto the wood were they did the damage. Screws, dirt and wood pieces were thrown all over the floor and they tract mud in and out of the house like it was a shop that they worked in. All the windows were raised and left open all at the same time, which meant I was just air conditioning the out doors, which was not necessary.

When the placed the windows into the wall, they used ONLY 4 screws to hold the window in with. The outer screens to the old windows needed to be placed back into the window area, but they ripped the keepers right out of the window sill and drove off with my screen. When I asked them to bring them back, they did, but the screens now were torn up. I will now need to replace the screens and purchase and install new screen holders.

They left the job with dirt all over the floor and house hold items. They left the glue and dirt on the windows without cleaning them. They scratched the glass on a few of the windows and then to top it all off, the company has them give me a survey/purchase form in which I am supposed to sign the thing stating that I am happy with the work (which I did not do).

I am guessing that these installers are paid by the window and not by the hour, because they come in and trash the house and get out like bank robbers. After all the extra money they cost me in damage, this $189 window, which is only for their most basic window (if you want things like low E then costs start adding up), is not worth it when I start adding up the damage caused in my home by the careless installers.


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You are a great example of what I am talking about! The problem in this world with more and more people is that they have no pride in the job they do anymore.

If I contract to do a job, no matter if the pay is low or high, I do the job to the best of my ability. I do the job right or not at all. I hope I never have to higher you to do anything for me. You're more than likely a poor quality worker that is lazy and doesn't care if the job you do is *** too.

Arriving to early un-announced is just as bad as arriving late to a private home. We're not talking a few minutes, the installers gave a 4 hour time frame to have to wait for them to arrive. So yes, pardon me if I didn't rearrange even more of my life to prepare hours in advance. Even so, it still does not dismiss the extreme lack of care and destruction they did because "some" of the things weren't moved yet (like removing curtains used for privacy).

So, I.m guessing you are probably one of these installers and you will never be able to understand what I'm talking about. By the way, I think you forgot a letter in your nickname...."e" at the end.


You get what you pay for! Cheap price means cheap labor.

You should have moved your stuff before they got there.

Who complains about an installer arriving early? What an ***


Agreed, Window World sucks! They are unprofessional and very dishonest. Very disappointed spend your money else where!


Guess you just figured out that you get what you pay for.


Yep, I'm unreasonable that my house was trashed BEFORE they did any construction. I'm unreasonable because they did damage to areas that shouldn't have been damaged.

I'm unreasonable because they ruined my screens that needed to be placed back to where they were. And I guess I'm unreasonable because I think that more than 4 screws should hold a window in place. Quality workmanship is truly dead in America if the above holds true.

I have done construction, electric, plumbing, masonry work, painting,etc. So, don't tell me things I already know are unreasonable.

And yes, I have posted many things on the net that I was really happy about the service.

KEYWORD= Service! I also, will not waste anymore of my time responding to idiots.


Sounds like a pain n the butt customer to me and no I don't work for window world. Big deal they howed up early and you were suppose to take the window coverings down before they came out not after.

They are construction guys so you will have to clean up after them.

That's common. Sounds like another imposible customer who ca never b happy


John sounds like an employee acting like a customer! Gee, the old screens don't fit? Then why could I place them right back were they were to begin with?

I wasn't upset about the crew arriving early, I was upset about the wrecking crew foreman acting like I should have had these window dressing done a half hour sooner than when they said they would arrive at their earliest and then commence to tearing things down.


I just have to address some of the things stated by the above person. 4 screws are standard for replacement windows.

Original screens cannot be used because they would interfere with the window (that has its own screen!) I would be pleased if someone showed up early! and when i had my windows done by windowworld.

I removed the blinds myself, like they asked me to. thanks

Window Worthless

I was contacted by Window Worlds Finance Company and told that the loan would not be processed until I agreed to sign a paper saying I was happy with the job Window World had done!!!! Window World offers a 6 month no interest loan.

I decided that they could stick the loan where the sun does not shine and I just paid off my balance directly. When I contacted window world to pay them off, I stated that I was not happy and they made no effort to even offer any help to repair problems at all.

I fixed the damage done by Window World myself! I will not recommend them or use them again!


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