Lake Charles, Louisiana

I called for someone to come to my home to give me an estimate. I got the appointment time that I asked for.

Two hours before the appointment, the salesperson called me and asked me to reschedule. After numerous phone calls back and forth for a new time, he finally showed up the next day. I told him that I needed time to think about the estimate I had received. A few days later I got a *** form letter saying that he would contact me at the agreed upon time, which there was none.

After a week, I called him and told him that I was ready to place my order. He told me he would call me back later that day or the next day to set up a time to come back and measure the windows, which I thought should have been done on the first visit, and pick up my down payment. I waited over a week and never heard from him again. I called the company and asked for a new rep for my area.

I was told someone would call me the next day. I have never heard from anyone again. It looks to me like that is a blessing in disguise. I am done with Window World.

I read the horrible reports on the Better Business Bureau. I'm not going to be the next person burned by this company.

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Out of 300 stores thousands of installers bound to be bad apples somewhere... for endless people to bash a,company over few slack people is ignorant ..

get a hobby stop throwing trash at people u don't know in the least ...when u say WINDOW WORLD u r targeting more people than,u know alot whom take great pride in there work and product ..if u have that serious of an issue ..try corporate. ..they will and have done corporate take overs..


I am really distressed over all the comments made on line about window world. All the way from their reps are drug-heads to being told they are the best company to work with.

I am a senior citizen. I live in a home built in the late seventies. I have windows I need to replace.

On the one hand I watch the TV commercials and I am impressed with the company. Then I read all the complaints and wonder...Should I get involved with Window World? Once I contract with them am I going to have a hassle getting the windows and the trim done correctly at the price quoted?

PLEASE can anyone tell me where I can find a definitive answer concerning Window World's reputation, quality of work, and honesty?


if you want the $189 window advertised be ready for a lengthy argument and what I feel is a downgraded window my $3800 should have been estimate (19 windows x $200) was $7200 when they got done it took 3 weeks to get a rep to call me back and another two reschedules to get the over inflated estimate I wish you luck


I really need to get a window replacement and I don't know where to go. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate some ideas.

@Tina Dole

do not go to window world

@Tina Dole

castle rock remodeling


That hits the target pefretcly. Thanks!


Window world installed 13000$ worth of windows and a sliding glass door. After install, we noticed slider latch was obviously not set right and handles were on at a weird angle.

We also noticed the screen door on this slider was banged up and considerably out of square we showed this to the serviceman. He noted it, took pictures and said a new one should be in route in about two weeks. After 3 weeks we called and the claimed pictures revealed that the SCREEN DOOR was pryed on with a crow bar or something. So let be get this straight someone used a crow bar on a screen door to a slider that wouldn't lock?

Needless to say they refused to replace it and proceeded to tell me it wound be a 75$ free to replace... I'd rather pay 300$ to ANYONE ELSE


We are very disappointed with the work this company has done for us. The windows were not the color we ordered.

Window World has not cared to come out nor correct any of their problems. They seldom return phone calls.

Very bad business! :(


Window World is run by scam artists. They need to be investigated.


We contacted Window World in Bossier City, Louisiana. We seriously considered not using Window World from the start.

After two visits to the store, we never saw a sales person. Finally after a couple of weeks, the salesman showed up and gave his pitch after we had decided to make our purchase. It took approximatly another week to get them back out to the house to measure the windows as there seemd to be no real concern about making a sale. In about three weeks, the windows showed up and my compliments to the crew for the installations, very quick and efficient.

They cleaned both inside and out. Our problem, we ordered full screens and received half screens. After a few weeks, they brought full screens that did not fit properly and have large gaps. It has been approximately four months since the installation and still no full screens that fit properly.

We are beginning to think we did not get the energy efficient windows because we have seen no change in our utility bills as promised.

The installation crew did a great job but the customer service and sales staff sucks. Even the owners have disconnected themselves from the customers.


i foolishly had window world altemont springs fla come to my house. the sales man lied, showed me a sample window, hello the owner later tells me that sales man is no longer with us and the sample must have been from a diff company.

the $3k sliding glass door hurricane rated i had installed leaks, leaks leaks, and the installation job is the reason, they didnt even try to make sure it was square and level, and they are not fitted well, slap em in, and cover the spaces , in this case and inch and quarter on each side, with vinyl strips applied with a lil tiny sticky strip! water comes in ovder the top, the track fills with water with a smallest amount of rain and doesnt drain except into my house, god help me if i have a hurricane!

oh yeah it took not 6 weeks, it took 6 mos .............DO NOT USE WINDOW WORLD, they do not stand behind thier installation or product, but they will tell you the wondows are good its your house thats bad! wish i kept my 30 yr old original single pane windows, they dint leak, and my electric bill went up thirty percent with these new sliders and windows, thank you window world.


The most likely cause for poor service & *** work is the companies policy on actually paying their installers which is $30 per window & consider yourself lucky if you even get a check at all. The sales reps screwed up on measuring every single job & I don't think they could even measure their *** if their life depended on it. I hate this company!


Ordered 10 windows from Window World. The guys dug into my wood trim and carved out chunks into the wood to make the windows fit.

They cut small pieces of wood and hammered them in...air still rushing through the windows.

Numerous calls and no return phone call. Terrible customer service and horrible workmanship.


I had some windows put in and the installers wrapped the metal on the outside of the siding instead of tucking it under so rain would not get it, so they finally came and fixed that, then one of the windows started to bow on bottom and they came out and said the shims that they put the window on must have fell down the wall......ooppsss! How the *** does that happen if you are doinf it right, then they said they were out of the trim they put around the inside of the window when they installed them so after a few months of them missing I called to remind them and am still waiting for the trim.

it all started when I had the sales guy do the contract and got him the $$ then left tons of messages for him and he never got back to me, so when the installers showed up I told them I was hesitant to get them installed because if this is how they are treating me now, what about repairs or warranty work, how would anything EVER get done if he never gets back to you! I also sent the $$ for 2 entrance doors to be installed and a month and a half after they had the $$ I finally get them to say, sorry we haven't even ordered them yet, so then the lady who schedules the jobs leaves me a message last week asking if this friday would work for install and I call and say yes(on her message machine) and she calls yeaterday and says she never called me to set it up in fact she had NO IDEA when they will be in but hopefully by the end of the month! ??? WTF, who runs a business like this, what will happen if I need a window replaced under warranty?

I am scared now! Well, just an update, I haven't heard anything from them about my doors and today I get a letter from the owners Larry and Tracie Rutzinski telling me the order has been placed and should take about 2-4 weeks and to schedule the install will be another 2-3 weeks as well. WTH so now they have had my $$ for over 2 months and it was finally ordered?? so looking at the time of install to be the first of December??

in winter! NICE!!!

Window World you all SUCK!! I will never use you again and am telling everyone what *** business you all do, I just read a news article about how you screwed a man over who was trying to get his mothers windows done as a surprise, it was on the news, the real surprise was he actually used you Window World!If I could get my $$ back I would never use you, god forbid I ever need warranty work!


My windows were measured wrong and the windows ended up an inch too short and not wide enough to fill my rough opening. This was going to make my vinyl not fit back under the J channel when replaced.

Rather than reorder the proper size windows, they started using 2''bys and 1''bys to fill in the gap. This was making my windows protrude outward as well, since they were screwing the window flush to the nearly 3 inch wood frame I now have. The vinyl would definitely reach now. However, my windows would look more like storm windows.

I have never seen anyone try to adapt a house to fit a window. I finally stopped the madness and had them order me new windows. The owner wasn't wanting to reorder. If I had not been home while this was going on, I would have surface mounted windows and my vinyl would have been cut too short to go back after proper sized windows would have been put back in place.

I am now waiting again for windows.

It has been 9 weeks in all. I hope this doesn't get ugly!


i dont believe for one second that these good reports came from actual customers!

when the installers came to put in our doors they took the old ones out and put in the new one and only then told us it was not the right size so we had just a door and frame in. then another guy came out and basically said that the other guys just didnt know what they were doing and put the door in.

after installing that door and 2 more doors they realized that they had forgotten to order the storm door. so i went for 3 weeks without it. now finally the storm door is here but with the wrong hardware on it!! now they are telling me that the bronze hardware i wanted, that matches all of my other doors, doesnt exist for that door (the salesman told me it did) so now im stuck with nickel hardware on a storm door that matches nothing.

and that is a month and a half after the job was supposed to be completed!!! shame on you window world you have now successfully screwed up every step of the process from ordering to installation and customer service. i cant wait to see what happens when something goes wrong and i need to call for my warranty.

(probably just easier to buy new doors)

DONT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!! the extra time loss and frustration caused by these people is not worth any amount of money saved!!!


They installed the wrong door knobs in both of my doors. My lock on the sliding glass door does not work.

The front screen door fell apart. I have been calling for 7 months trying to get the repairs done. They are just now coming to my house 7 MONTHS later!!

They don't return emails or phone calls. DO NOT use them.


How did they go from an F raiting a year ago to an A+.


They paid off the BBB. That's why you should always look at how long they have had that A+ rating.