Lake Charles, Louisiana

I called for someone to come to my home to give me an estimate. I got the appointment time that I asked for.

Two hours before the appointment, the salesperson called me and asked me to reschedule. After numerous phone calls back and forth for a new time, he finally showed up the next day. I told him that I needed time to think about the estimate I had received. A few days later I got a *** form letter saying that he would contact me at the agreed upon time, which there was none.

After a week, I called him and told him that I was ready to place my order. He told me he would call me back later that day or the next day to set up a time to come back and measure the windows, which I thought should have been done on the first visit, and pick up my down payment. I waited over a week and never heard from him again. I called the company and asked for a new rep for my area.

I was told someone would call me the next day. I have never heard from anyone again. It looks to me like that is a blessing in disguise. I am done with Window World.

I read the horrible reports on the Better Business Bureau. I'm not going to be the next person burned by this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Billy f, you sould like a "jurk"off


We just had Window World come out, the rep. Bob was incredible.

Prompt, informative, honest, and polite. gives this business an A+ rating and if you had a poor experience with a rep maybe you shouldn't take it out on the company. Not all reps are created equal and sometimes employees don't do the best job they should. Window World is cheap, efficient, honest, and they do quality work.

If there was a real problem with your experience you should have contacted the company directly and complained. If nothing happened then contact the BBB, that's what they are for. Other than that don't get on a blogging website and bash a company that you didn't even do business with. It's easy for people to complain, especially on the internet.

It takes a bigger person to complain to the correct person (i.e. the company or BBB) and an even bigger person to commend a company for doing a good job.


they screwed me over real bad in eau claire wisconsin tims a low class dude


I just looked at their website, I see absolutely nothing wrong, and certainly nothing about them being in trouble. What are you talking about, nooby?


Well, take a look at the Window World website now. They are in a powerful amount of trouble.


I have used Window World twice. Once for a rental property and then for my own home.

The experience I had for the rental was great.

The process did not go as well for my own home, but the company owner actually came to my home to view my complaint and had everything taken care of quickly. I have no issues with the company here in Baltimore and plan to use them again on my next rental.


Was it reported to BBB?


I had window world install 15 double insulated windows in my home. The were courteous and very proffesional.

They were on time and installed my windows in one day. The windows have saved me a ton on my heating and cooling.

They are an outstanding company and I have been very pleased. Too bad you guys had a bad experience.


You must have been a real jurk off that wasted their time for 3 windows nit picking the price on everything.


Hey Joe. How on earth did you determine that this poor person is a liberal?

Because they recieved poor service? It just goes to show your ignorance. It sounds like you work for Window World.

Just remember, what comes around goes around. You may end up in the same situation one day.


What a looser - if you wanted the windows - why have the salesman come back. You obviously are equally ignorant of measuring windows and reducing errors.

You measure the windows to the order form, and , if you don't know all the options the customer wants, you measure when the customer wants to order. Quit your temeper tantrum and buck up you bleeding liberal freak!


Your lucky they screwed you before they took your money!!!

I wasn't so lucky.

Mine was Window World of Chicago in Naperville.