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They were supposed to be the their best installers. They said that they do all of the owners work on his house.

(Bryce Thomson) That's not saying much. Let me start with the fact that I filed a formal complaint against Window World to the EPA. They took their windows and left. This is what I filed.

(Window World did not Perform according to the copy of Lead Hazard Information Pamphlet, about the dangers from lead exposures and controlling exposures to lead according to the focus of the PRE, RRP, and LBP Activates Rules.RRP Rule violation of the technical workplace standards, the harm that is associated with the failure to control exposures to lead during a renovation. Requirements are associated with lack of knowledge of Lead-based paint and Lead-based paint hazards, increased exposure to lead or lead hazards, and verification of lead or lead hazard reduction after the actual renovation/abatement work is completed. Adults were exposed to airborne construction areas. Children were exposed to post areas construction areas.

No Lead base tests were done. Use of old plastic from previous job was used, and possible exposing me and my family to previous job construction sites contaminants, Lead contaminants being carried over from job to job. I believe this to be an habitual process on their part. I was completely unaware of the seriousness of the violation until I confronted all this information on the internet.

Which I learned after refusing them to continue a second day. THEY DID NOTHING TO PROTECT US ! When they came on the job (my house) they touted they were Lead certified, but NO, not one procedure was followed. From what I read in, (Title IV of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), as well as other authorities in the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992, directs EPA to regulate lead-based paint hazards).

Window World Omaha violated every aspect of the Lead laws and Regulation from Airborne exposure, No surrounding area protection, Reuse of plastic from other job sites creating carry over contaminants, No hepa filter, Improper handling, and of storage of demo materials, leaving paint chips in my driveway, transporting demolitioned materials from other jobs in the box truck with all their tool and new materials, No pre or post job written reports.

I refused to allow them to re enter my home, and told the owner (Bryce Thompson) they were fired for breach of contract. Do to EPA, Poor quality craftsmanship, and not providing specified material according to our contractual agreement. When I told the owner (Bryce Thompson) of my complaints of EPA violation. He said let's put that aside for now and wanted to see if he could satisfy me by trying to address the other issues I had with using 2x4's ripped down instead of brick mold which is a milled molding that I paid for, and screws through the bottom window frame, and using my dresser as a tool bench, and exposing all my wife's clothes to containments.

I told him that I believe I have a moral obligation to report this to EPA, because of his lack of professionalism and obvious disregard for the health and welfare of other clients he may have harmed or could jeopardize, as specially young children. Not once did Window World owner (Brice Thompson) offer to test for Lead when concern was raised, to see if there was any contaminants. But owner (Bryce Thompson's) sale representatives made sure to tell me they had to charge $650 for Lead handling, and disposal procedures required of them by the EPA.

Can't get my pictures to upload, I'll keep working on it till I figure it out I'll try to send in an email or I'll file in a follow up report with the two pictures I have, as soon as I can. Sincerely Dave E Sutton Thank You for your attention in this matter, In advance) Finally let get to the horrible craftsmanship pictures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: EPA Violations, and breach of contract.

Window World Cons: Very bad workmanship, Customer service sucks, Epa protocol violations.

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  • Bad Workmanship
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