Willingboro, New Jersey

Window World of Hatfield did not even exist when they took my down payment. They never called me when my windows were ready and their so called office was an empty field and farmhouse.

I found their corporate office in King of Prussia via Keystone-their old owner- and had to threaten to call police if they did not come and install the windows. They came two days later but had the wrong color and had to come a second day.

Because of rain I cannot check the windows yet to see if they were installed correctly-but they clearly intended to defraud me by keeping my down payment and never returning. DO NOT USE ANY WINDOW WORLD COMPANY

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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The WW corp is in NC but the owner is from LA. He does not even live in NC.

The whole corp is a scam!!!!!! Run while you can. It is very evident from the automated response like the one listed here from WW.

They will never address any specific problem anyone might have with their products or service. SCAM SCAM SCAM>


Please know that we do make ourselves available if you would like to discuss issues of concern. You may contact us by calling 1-866-740-2100, or via our contact page at www.windowworld.com.

Thank you,

Customer Relations Manager

Window World Corporate


I also fell prey to the "low" price game they play when I should have selected the "mid priced" quote. Keep the "truth" moving.

After I purchased windows, I found out the new owner is based out of Baton Rouge, LA and the salesmen's presentation was that they are locally owned?

So much for trust. Too many red flags to ever make this mistake again.


I would like to learn more about your experience. Please contact me directly at 1-866-740-2100, or via our contact page at www.windowowrld.com/contact.

Please be sure to let me know that you are responding to this request.

Thank you,

Customer Relations Manager

Window World Corporate

North Wilkesboro, NC


Hmmmmmm.... I thought that the Window World Corp.

office was in Wilksboro, NC. Sound like you should have done a little more research.