Houston, Texas

Window World took my money May 5, 2009, they've not been back since June 9, 2009 when they partially installed the windows. They pose a danger in my home, in case of a fire they are hard to open and the screens don't stay up.

Watch out! Not all the windows are energy efficient or tempered where by law they must be. Need to sell your home? Watch out!

If permits are required(they didn't tell me)you will have serious problems during the inspection and it will lower your home value! Go to the Attorney General's website in your State and complain. Enough complaints and they can do something about it.

Don't trust the BBB to act in your best interest. They didn't in mine and it's now nine months later!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Im getting windows soon from window world from pittsburgh is it a good idea


window world is the largest vinyl window replacement company in the united states. i doubt they wouldnt help you out if you had a problem.

i have there windows and they are great the also came out and service mine like the warranty states i had a crack in the glass and boom 2 weeks later a new sash! window world is great.

they have lifetime warranties and the good housekeeping seal. the good housekeeping wont accredit a crapy company so window world must really be #1!!!


I am thinking of buying from Window World as they are giving the best price


www.Vosslawfirm.com Phone number 713-861-0015. The Austin Bilding 2255511 Budde Road Suite 202, The Woodlands, Texas 77380

They are on Your side when you are up against the wall!

Call, email, write to them. Whatever it takes! They'll work with you to help you! No one else was helping me until I went to them!

I've had serious health issues come up the first time in my life from all the stress that Window World has caused me. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the "***" a company could put me through. There is no excuse for their treatment except pure greed! There are examples all around us of companies doing this to the consumer, I guess they're going to learn the hard way that putting profit before people is not the way to go!

All I asked for was what was promised in writing, legal and safe. Not unreasonable, and here it is a year of this misery! I want my life back! I want to continue on with other home improvements, adding more jobs to the economy and getting Americans back to work!

Kick out these companies that harm us, and promote those that do as they say they'll do! Enough of broken contracts, agreements, the law, everything you've trusted in (the BBB), get the real good companies on top! Contact the Voss Law Firm! Contact the State of Texas Attorney General's office!


And don't stop complaining! Fight man Fight!


It's not about my complain that matters, long past that. It's getting the consumers educated.

If I can help another homeowner just trying to lower their energy costs, keep their home safe, and keep the value of their home (if they need to sell it) going up. Heck who wants to hear they have to replace windows because they aren't safe or energy efficient after they paid thousands of dollars for their Window World windows! It's all about keeping it real. And my troubles created by Window World's windows and installment are REAL!

They've not been solved with emails, phone calls or letters to the corporate headquarter directed to the current CEO. Again, it's not only me that has problems with Window World, and all the covering up in the world, dismissing all that is stated here, won't change the simple truth that "Facts, in writing, speak loudly" I didn't get what I was promised in writing, and the windows do not perform as they are given to perform. It takes excessive force to open and close the windows. God help those with little children or elderly in their homes that have to open them in an emergency and can't!

Trapped in a burning building, or caught by an attacker is a terrible way to die, and needless!

But then, these are just scenarios. Or are they?


Hey Mike, so people don't complain because they are unhappy with your company?? Think again, ***.

Your installers suck, and your cheap window is a piece of ***. Best product?? I hate these windows. My energy bills are worse now than they were before.

Window World is a cheap franchise operating on a shoestring.

You'll be out of business in the next few years. The public is becoming aware of your business practices.


So the BBB didn't help? Maybe that's because the problem is the customer and not the company!!


I find that anyones complaint about a product on an internet site completely unrealistic. Anyone with a true complaint that gets the Corporate Office involved will get their issues corrected. I believe that most of the complaints about Window World in general are placed by the competition trying to stain the name or just people that have problems with everything because they are just unhappy!


I loved Window World. They had the best price and best product and did a fabulous job with the installation. I couldn't have asked for more