Alexandria, Virginia

Looked like a nice deal from a reputable company, polite and friendly salesman. They accepted our down payment, came and measured, and windows were supposed to be installed in 4-5 weeks.

At eight weeks, they had to measure again. Nobody in the company seemed to be communicating with each other. When I asked for an update at the seventeenth week, the windows were never even ordered from factory. They were waiting to measure!

After another round of apologies and promises, we finally gave up and got a refund, which was surprisingly within a week. Now we get to start looking all over again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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These folks don't seem to run a reputable company.

1. They are endorsed by Fascist Dave Ramsey from Tennessee. Strike one...

2. On the same radio station they advertise with Limbaugh.Strike two...

3. Their ads suggest that company is an independent operation whereas they are a franchise. They don't disclose this fact. Strike three...

4. There seems to be no way to contact them directly by email. What are they hiding?. You're out!


sorry you had a bad experance, we had a great one. WW put in over 23 windows.


You need to call 708-301-7426. Best home improvement experience we have ever had.