La Center, Kentucky

My husband and I had 13 windows and a 1000.00 storm door installed in our home. First no one measured the front door, and they ordered the wrong door.

They installed the wrong size storm door and damaged the door frame, by putting the screws through the frame and cracking the door frame, the screws were sticking out through the frame, and we have photos of all of this, so the installers leave and the storm door is not even straight or even shut. The storm door would not shut and had crackes all around the door , then it rained inside our home, the rain came in all around the door and soaked the floor inside our livingroom, called window world and they came out and when they tried to tighten the door it fell apart, so they removed the storm door and left the door frame damaged and open to the elements and it warped the wood and rotted the wood, so they came out and wrapped the rotten wood with metal and put in boards to attach the 1000.00 storm door and it would not shut and the wind blew the door and busteded it again. now they come to put a 150.00 storm door on our home , over the damaged door frame and when we asked why they were not going to replace rotten wood and put on the door we paid for, they said they would have to take it back to the shop and they left the door frame open to the elements again. And did not even tell us when they would be back.

So now we have a damaged door frame our front door is warped because it has been open to the elements since August 2011. And no one at Window World cares they have been paid , so they dont care, I wish I knew who could help them to do the right thing,

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sounds like window world in southern ky they ripped my 80year old mother off,I got involved and they told me it wasn;t my busness.Stay away from this busness


Sounds all too familiar!