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Was told 4-6 weeks. Never any calls during that time.

Finally called them after 6 weeks and was told two more weeks. Installers did a terrible job. Left openings outside the bay window on my soffit. They also filled 2 inch gaps on the interior trim of the picture window with joint compound that shrunk & looks like ***.

Installers said they didn't have the right material to match it! Ate you kidding me! Aside from that, I can hear every noise outside as if it were in my house.

Poor quality, poor installation. Never again

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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please make your 500 ww comments sortable by state, or better by zipcode. That still retains anonymity but gives us more local quality feedback!.

I'm in WA state and feel an Alabama review may have little relevance for a Seattle WW Franchisor.

Thanks. kjk


I understand your complaints. But it's Window World!

Would you buy a bed spread from Dollar General and then complain because the quality isn't as good as Bed, Bath and Beyond? Sorry, but you got what you paid for!

Sorry not sorry.