STOP don't do it this is the most awful Place to buy windows. They are the most rude people they shouldn't even have a company I was told 8 weeks end up been 16 weeks.

Talk to the owner & you talk about rude awful just awful.But after about 2 mouths the funnest thing happen I was at a store & just so happen my friend I was with family was at the store we got to talking & guess what she worked at window world before.

She informed me to look at my contract they have the big advertising for 189.00 window it's not even on the contract it says 200.00 they don't even have a 189.00 window you better believe I have contacted people that's false advertising.They need to be giving people back what money they took. Bad bad place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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It's a capital improvement. Should not have been charged sales tax unless it's a repair to existing form.

ST-8 form. Wanna try agin?


Sales tax brings the total to $200. No matter what we purchase, groceries, an automobile, windows...sales tax must be collected and paid to the government...

I've always wondered how many complaints are filed by unscrupulous competitors as no one identifies themselves. I have heard the percentages are pretty high.