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My husband and I bought a house that had all the windows done by Window World. We have a window in the kitchen that the seal was bad and was causing water damage to the wall.

We called them in July 2016 about this issue. We have been having to call them every few weeks for the past 6 months to get this damage repaired. The window was redone in September finally, but the wall damage was still there. They told us every time we called that a contractor would get in touch with us and never did.

We were polite about it and was patient but after 6 months your patients run out. We told them if they did not get this corrected soon we would go to corporate and a week later we had a contractor call us.

Window World says they stand by everything but the service to get something done if it has been damaged is terrible. Never will deal with them again unless another window has a problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Rather than go by what anyone says, ask for their warranties. For what Window World can promise, they will deliver on those promises.

They could work on their customer service, but all in all, you get what you pay for.


thx for the statement of the obvious.


Associated Materials out of Ohio makes their horrible products, that is the real problem,google them. If you think Window World sucks are you going to be surprised . Not BBB accredited, which means the cannot or won't negotiate and resolve per BBB guidelines.


Window World troll ,either works for them or related