Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
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Windows are beautiful, but unfortunately the customer service at this location is horrible.

The installation was very sloppy, there is permanent brown finger prints on them, poorly measured and installed (they used folded up cardboard between the windows and frames to fill in the gaps), the panels were left crooked, they broke a window frame, and gave me a faulty panel of frosted glass for the bathroom. They came back to clean the Windows the best they could (still have permanent stains), and measure the hole in the window frame.

2nd service call was to replace the bathroom panel and to take pictures of the hole in the window frame.

Now 5 of the Windows have air blowing in the house from the middle, where the two window panels meet. Didn't get a call back after several messages over a 5 day period requesting for another service visit. Today, after 5 days of messages and a morning of calling the sales rep to see if he can do something, I was told that i would have to wait until 12 days for the visit. After requesting to speak to the manager, Patrick, things got even worst.

He reconfirmed that no service call can be made until the 20th. When I voiced my dismay he essentially didn't care. When I told him I would have to put plastic on my Windows like the old ones I had, he said "just turn up the heat". He had also never heard of any of my prior issues with the install and service calls or the fact that I'm still waiting for them to fix my window frame.

Patrick is rude, costumer service at this location is horrible, and the Windows do not meet the promises made by ads or sakes people. I'm glad I found this out before spending another $4000 on the upstairs Windows of my house.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dear Customer,

I happen to be in the office at the time when you called and spoke to our Operations Manager, and he put you on speaker phone so that I can listen along, and witness how difficult you were on the phone. I have to be honest the way you spoke to him any company Operations Manager would have a hard time helping a customer yelling the way you did.

We simply can't solve or make any situation right for anyone with that type of anger on the phone. We work through any situation by having a normal conversation. As for the statement on how things were installed I have to say that if that was to be true then the completion certificate would of not have been signed that the job was completed to your satisfaction and I don't think anyone would of paid a company for a job like that when the work was completed. I know I wouldn't of.

The job was completed in June/2015 and now we have this complaint you wrote stating that installation was poor in January/2016? Being that amount of time had passed it's hard to validate that. Straight forward I am sorry we could not set up a service sooner due to the schedule being full. You may have not liked the day we had available for you but we did give you the option of the day to help you.

On that note you just refused the day that was available, got upset, threaten to go to social media, and hung up the phone, and at that point the office was not able to help you because you hung up on us. We can help you if you hang up the phone on us. As for the drafty windows I believe there is something else that you are experiencing because the windows have an interlock system in the middle of the windows and when closed properly the windows are not drafty in the middle and function the way they were designed to. I say this because if that was the case then we would have an entire customer base that we have complaining of drafty windows, and it's not he case, so I have reason to believe something else may be a problem.

The comment on Patrick being rude was him not being rude its the answer that he was giving you that you did not like to give you a temporary solution to a problem before we would be able to come and take a look at the problem to see what it is. The phone call had it's challenges based of your anger and I think he did the very best he could based off of the scenario he was put in. In closing to this complaint so that you know we always have the best intentions in serving all of our customers that give us their business. We have the highest gratitude for that business given to us.

I welcome you to call us again with a calm voice and let's help you solve the issue if we can by setting an appointment for one of our service technicians to come to your home and look at what you are experiencing. We will be waiting for your call.

In the meantime, we wish you Happy and Peaceful days and know that we are here for you once you decide to call us again for us to help you. Thank you

The Owner