Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Everyone here is blaming WINDOW WORLD for a select few doing what ever it is,wrong... not all owners care not all sales people have a clue and,not all,installers know windows...

thers thousands of installers sales,people almost 300 stores instead of bashing thousands of people most of whom do,thers,job right and take.pride out the ones at fault...there's a thought. .. I've installed for 13 Years and NONE of what,i,see here,would ever happen at window worlds around me..

sorry u got un lucky with some *** working on your house but most of us r very good at,what,we do,and final product is well above what's exspected... get a,hobby stop bashing people,u don't even know

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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It's customers right to complain if they were done wrong or if contractual agreement was not filled. You might do good work but companies like window world hire subcontractors who, not all do great quality work.

Either way each story here list which window world and market area is involved with each separate issue. No need to take a customers experience so personal if its not about you.