I called in May to report a broken seal in my window

I called in June Aug.& Sept. I was told they would replace

window today 10/4/10, so far, have not heard a thing or seen anyone.

We purchase 18 Window World Windows a couple of years ago. We are happy with them however, if something is wrong. No one ever helps you out!!! I wish I had went with another company. I spoke with the owner of the company, the sons of the company, and the daughter in law of the company. Over the last 5 months we are not any farther along than in May. Now Winter is coming we need this addressed and Soon!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Welcome to the club of window world! I also had the same issue, replacement window install yesterday and it's the wrong window and damaged.

I will be reporting them to the BB and Attorney General's office in my state. They are a buck pushing off company, they lie like a rug and the consumer is the loser here.

I have seen many complaints about this company and wish I had known otherwise. The window still leaks and now I will need to replace 2 year old flooring in my unit.


should of called SEARS!!!!!

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