Sherwood, Arkansas

The windows are great, they are energy savers, they reduce the outside noise, and they look really good. BUT, PLEASE, fix the leak, the water is ruining my drywall.

The very first window they installed is the one leaking, I quess that was the learner window, does not seem the installers knew what they were doing. I have call the office I purchased the windows from, BENTON, AR, and they have sent a service man here at least 5 times, enough caulking, it is not working, pull out the window and reinstall it, something is just not right with the install.

It did not leak prior to the install, please find someone that can fix it. HELP!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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They are just junkie windows bet you didnt pay $189 either


check to see if the weep holes are too low, thats the was 10 of my 13 windows were installed and they have been came 8 times now to try and fix thisn they lifted the windows to expose the weep holes now they have to fix my sills, drywall and paint the room.