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Read for yourself and decide if you would ever give this company money or invite them into your home:We purchased 5 windows and 1 sliding door on 11/19/14 for $3482. Installation was in 1/15, and we were charged $950 in labor.

On 5/9, after the first heavy rainfall, we first noticed water leaking from the bottom corners of 2 windows. Water flowed down the wall, pooled in the ceiling downstairs below, and spilled down into the garage, leaving a stream out to the garage door. (We have videos.) We moved all items in our home and garage away from the water to mitigate damages to our property. We drilled *** in the ceiling to drain the pooling water and nearly a gallon of water flowed out and continued to drain for the next 24 hours.

We then attempted to locate and caulk the leaks from the outside to seal the water out by hanging outside the window using our climbing harnesses for protection as the window sills were incredibly slick and dangerous. This took 2 people over 3 hours of labor, but water continued to leak in, despite our efforts. I have videos of the severe gaps in the trim that caused these leaks. We contacted WW on Mon 5/11.

Greg advised us to rip out all the drywall and insulation that was impacted. He never offered to send a crew out to do it for us. 72 hours passed since the initial water damage, and fearing mold, we succumbed to do it ourselves and tore everything out, at first cutting away small chunks, and then complete walls as the the extent of the damage became more clear. 5 hours of hard, physical work for 2 persons.

We were unable to use our garage for the next week, as the debris piled up and items were moved around from the flood. It then took another 2 hours of labor for 2 people to clean up and dispose of all the dust and debris. We also were forced to purchase 2 fans from Target to the tune of $36 to dry out the impacted areas. Greg took no action to fix anything for the next month.

Water still accessed the interior with each rain causing us to change towels on the window sills and rotate fans hourly. In an especially rainy spring, with multiple storms daily, this was a major inconvenience. On 6/4, I pushed Greg for a mold inspection, which he agreed to. I had to arrange and pay for this, at $175 and another hour of my time.

On 6/5, Mark Roberts with AdvantaClean completed the inspection and found mold. We'd been living in a home with active mold growth in two open, exposed walls for 1 month. I informed Greg and no action was taken. We continued to live in this condition for another month and a half, with no drywall or insulation in three main areas, as well as open spots of mold.

Water STILL continued to leak in at every rain storm. Greg told us repeatedly that our windows were being "warrantied", and he's waiting for the new windows in "next week." "Next week" came and went for three weeks; Greg finally admitted during the second week of July that no new windows were ordered, "I don't know what to do. I don't know what to tell you." We then were passed on to Rick, the owner. The first attempt to send someone failed, as the inspector came in, inspected the damage, and simply told us, "No, we don't do that." Finally, Rick came to start the necessary work on 7/21, informing me he had "taken a class" to qualify him to remediate the mold.

But even then, after the mold was mitigated and the drywall was put up, I discovered that the Operations Manager, Jeff, had neglected to put any insulation in the two attic panels above the door, despite assuring my wife it would be done, "You're going to want insulation everywhere" he had said. This defied CO building codes and would have negated our entire $3482 investment. 3 more phone calls to get this fixed. He claimed he "forgot." Then a painter came, but didn't have the right colors, and was not prepared to match them.

At present, 3 months later, I am matching and finishing the painting myself, and we have not been compensated for any of our labor, time, expense, or inconvenience.

Taking it up with the BBB and Att. Gen's Consumer Complaint division.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1175.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Window World Cons: Poor customer service, Leaking windows, Poor installation, Water damage, Incompetent service.

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