Ames, Iowa

We ordered 9 windows. The salesman measured and ordered "replacement windows.

No photos were taken for our file. Installation team 1 arrived and said what we needed was "new construction" windows and that he wasn't equipped to install what was on his truck. WW arranged for a 2nd installation team and sent the same windows and team 2 agreed that the process management instructed them to use to install the "replacement windows" would entail cutting into drywall and sills; the windows could not be installed with a proper seal and would only be as good as the caulk around them. Guaranteed to leak within 2 years.

The owner returned our call and understood that we had lost faith and he would refund our 1/3 down payment. He said the salesmen involved would be fired but installation team 2 said they've been cleaning up his messes for years so his firing is doubtful.

Very disappointed as we now have to wait for the spring to have the job done. Do not use Window World

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Window World has been working on our house for 14 months. Still not finished.

They have are a rogue outfit.

Enough said. These people are duds.


I apologize for your unsatisfying experience with Window World. First and foremost, we are a window replacement company.

We do work with new construction windows, but it is not our primary product. Furthermore, we generally don't take 1/3 down payment amounts, so some of the issues you have had don't follow our processes and that definitely concerns me. In addition, I have spoken with our Office Manager and our Install Manager and we don't seem to have a job with any of the issues you are describing. And, as the owner, I have to say that I have not spoken to anyone nor have I refunded a deposit to anyone with the above stated issues.

However, I know and recognize that we do make mistakes and I appreciate the feedback so we can learn from them. I would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Unfortunately, I am unable to assist you without more information. I would be more than happy to speak with you about your concerns in person or over the phone.

I can be reached at the office (515) 270-9264.