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Had very heavy rains past two weeks and of course, when it rains very heavy, anyone with common sense would not leave their windows wide open. Window World was contracted by our real estate owners, who had purchase row of townhouses I have lived for 7yrs.

WW replaced the old windows April of this year 2017. When the carpet in both upstairs bedrooms became soaked about 2ft from the wall(which divides the rooms) I called maintaince to inspect and contact WW to inspect the windows as well. The follow up went as this: the windows either were open when it rained or windows were closed(which they were) but not locked, and therefore because unlocked the tain came in through the unlocked windows. Never in my 59yrs have i heard or experienced sych a excuse for poor installation.

Why WW will not admit they are problem and tried to say it is the residents neglect? Now im stuck with mildew smell and mold snd the out of pocket to pay clean up myself. Wait for rain again and it will be video taped showing the water coming in with the windoes closed.

Not the problem downstairs with windoes closed but unlocked. Lame!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How is that cheap price working out for you now?


If you would like to contact Consumer Relations at 866-740-2100 and let us know the location from which the windows were purchased we will be happy to contact the ownership concerning this matter. Making sure the correct personnel are contacted will be our pleasure. Thank you.