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Its best to stay away from this business if you don't want to be the unlucky one and draw the short straw.

First the install date was delayed. It was claimed that due to severe weather in a state up north the delivery of the windows was delayed. After that time with more delays (from Oct 16th to Oct 26th) we were finally given an install date, and we made arrangements to stay home almost all day changing work schedules, kids schedules, and leave from work. That morning (Oct 26th) he said that some of the new windows were found broken, hence they had to be reordered, hence a delay.

The next date promised for the install was after multiple requests back n forth along with further delays blamed on the truck with the windows from the manufacturer, and finally scheduled on a day (Nov 7th) when it wasn't raining (although slight chance was in the forecast) for a Saturday. Again making multiple arrangements and keeping in touch with him when it was not raining in our area all morning and mid-day, he claimed the installer had gone to another site to install someone else's windows (while we were always told we would be the first due to the delays in our case). They were held up for the install there half way finished due to rain there. The install at our house never happened by the end of the business hours and i was told late afternoon not to expect the install at all and wait for more information on next steps on following Monday.

The next time we were told the windows were never reordered after the broken windows incident, so on Saturday the installer who had the windows in his truck ready to install, actually still had the broken windows. I was promised a fast reorder of the windows, a discount (undisclosed amount to date) for the delay and errors on their part, and a conversation with the supervisor due to the really bad situation we were being subject to in this case. I was told it was rare for this to happen. I was given a clear maximum of 7 business days for the windows to arrive and be installed. This conversation was on Nov 9th and 10th and the promised maximum was Wed Nov 18th.

We never heard back from the supervisor, or the agent about updates despite calling and leaving a message, and neither have we seen the windows or scheduling prospects.

It turned out that the salesman was lying to us all the time, and now the business (Window World) is not ready to make accommodations to mend the damage done so far in wasting my time, money and effort to choose their company. Not only have they shown little interest in rushing the order (since a rush order would be processed in 7 business days as told me by others), but they're also not ready to give a firm date or even a time-frame of installation of windows if I do make the down payment. I was never told of a down payment, and the contract is not crystal clear on which orders' down payments is required, or who to call in case of problems. Any company asking for a down payment of as much as 50% of thousands of dollars will at-least in good faith give a WRITTEN estimate of when the product will be delivered. The problem in this case is they never gave me a firm written date (hence I believed their 'spoken promised date') and after more than 2 months they have nothing to say but ask for a down payment with more unpredictability. They're asking me to take their 'spoken word' for an 'effort' to deliver the product in time. If they're sticklers for contract and company policy the least they can do is assure installation time frame on paper instead of a 'word' which has turned out to be nothing but lies till now.

More is expected of a BBB A-rated company. Not only will they not give an estimated delivery in writing, they also state that if the windows are not delivered in time after taking a down payment, I won't even be given my money back and can't even cancel my order. So potentially this could go on for months due to reasons like factory closed for holidays, some rain causing install delays, scheduling problems and so on... and I the customer, won't even have any recourse to hold them to a timeline and will be out of my money.

Which A rated business takes thousands of dollars for a simple product, doesn't give timeline estimates in writing, and doesn't clearly state the reasons for which delays are possible so that all other reasons are not acceptable delays? This statement of not one, or two but repeated lies backed by my written evidence on phone messages and emails from their employee (who they agree is a long time employee and lied in this case) is proof that this company's contract is not worth a BBB A-rated business. Sadly they're saying many of the same marketing things to me asking for business that the lying employee did earlier to defraud me in deceptive business practices.

The least they can do is give me a timeline in writing when taking the down payment. What really needs to be done to show some responsibility for their employee's action is to put the money down themselves for me and order my windows, then install them urgently.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of sales guy russell and contract not clear about which windows need down payment. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of window world window installation. Window World needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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