New Windsor, New York

The worst customer service ever. I had my windows installed and it took 2 days not 1 which I was told from the beginning.

They showed up late the first day and could not finish on time. I had to work the next day and had to ask a family member to come to my house for them to finish the job and they did not understand why I was upset (no apologizes). I get home to find out they were not installed properly. When opening half of my windows from the bottom the top part of the window falls down (they are double hung).

Some of the screens had holes in them and the ledger to lift the window was bent. I called the branch and told them my issues and I got asked if I know how to open and close the window properly instead of them just saying they can have someone fix the issue. They finally send someone to fix the issues and he shows up early and no one is home.

I informed the guy he was early and someone would be there in 10 mins. He told me he couldn't wait

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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